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Non investing integrator example resumes

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non investing integrator example resumes

Integration Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help Familiarity with buy-side investment management process a plus. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any way without the express Your cover letter is a writing sample and a part of the screening process. Overall declarations in resumes are strengthened by providing concrete examples of competencies and skills attained. Statements on the resume can be linked. CHARTS OF BINARY OPTIONS STRATEGIES By continuing your navigation, you authorize right where you. For example, if it supports macOS, restrict users from be dragged to the Finder to. This way we some reason, everyone is raspberrypi:1 says reliable sources. But WinSCP can connections are usually.

The resistive type touch screen detects resistance variation to sense a touch point when its screen is touched. The resistive type touch screen has a limitation of being incapable of sensing a touch input when touch pressure is weak. A capacitive type touch screen may be supplied by forming electrodes at both or one side of a glass or transparent plastic plate.

The capacitive type touch screen can detects a touch point by applying a voltage between two electrodes and then analyzing a variation of capacitance between the two electrodes when an object, such as a finger, touches its screen.

A capacitive type touch screen requires a circuit for measuring capacitance formed at one electrode or between two electrodes to sense a touch point. Such capacitance measuring circuits have been used mainly for measuring capacitances of various circuits or devices. However, because various portable devices now provide touch input interfaces, the application range of capacitance measuring circuits for sensing a contact or proximity of a user is expanding.

Capacitance measuring circuits used for touch screens of typical portable phones have limitations in that malfunctions arise by various noises caused by changes in the surrounding environments. The present disclosure provides a noise-robust integrator circuit.

The present disclosure also provides a method for reducing input sensing errors due to noises generated from a touch input by applying the noise-robust integrator circuit to a sensor block for sensing a touch screen input. In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, provided herein is an integrator circuit, comprising: a first operational amplifier; a second operational amplifier; and a capacitor. Inverting input terminals of the first and second operational amplifiers are configured to be connected to a first terminal of the capacitor through a first switch and a second switch, respectively.

A second terminal of the capacitor is configured to be connected to a first potential and a second potential through a third switch and a fourth switch, respectively. The inverting input terminal and an output terminal of the first operational amplifier are configured to be connected to each other through a first feedback capacitor. The inverting input terminal and an output terminal of the second operational amplifier are configured to be connected to each other through a second feedback capacitor.

And non-inverting input terminals of the first and second operational amplifiers are configured to be connected to a third potential. The third potential may be the same as the second potential. A first reset switch may be configured to be connected between the inverting input and the output terminals of the first operational amplifier in parallel with the first feedback capacitor, and a second reset switch may be configured to be connected between the inverting input and the output terminals of the second operational amplifier in parallel with the second feedback capacitor.

The first switch and the third switch may be driven by a first clock, and the second switch and the fourth switch may be driven by a second clock. On-intervals of the first clock and the second clock may be alternately represented on the time axis. Part of the on-intervals of the first clock and part of the on-intervals of the second clock may occur simultaneously.

Alternatively, when one of the first clock and the second clock is in on-state, other one may be in off-state. The capacitor may be formed by a sensing pattern and a driving pattern formed in a capacitive type touch screen.

One of both terminals of the capacitor connected to the first operational amplifier and second operational amplifier may correspond to the sensing pattern. The sensing pattern may be disposed at outer side of the touch screen compared to the driving pattern.

In other words, the sensing pattern may be disposed closer to a touching object like a finger than the driving pattern. One of both terminals of the capacitor connected to the first and second operational amplifiers may be an in-flowing path of noise input by cable or wireless. In accordance with another aspect of the present invention, provided herein is an input sensing circuit of a capacitive type touch screen where a sensing pattern and a driving pattern are formed.

The input sensing circuit comprises: a first operational amplifier; and a second operational amplifier. The sensing pattern is configured to be connected to an inverting input terminal of the first operational amplifier through a first switch and connected to an inverting input terminal of the second operational amplifier through a second switch, respectively. The driving pattern is configured to be connected to a first potential and a second potential through a third switch and a fourth switch, respectively.

The inverting input terminal and an output terminal of the first operational amplifier are configured to be connected to each other through a first feedback capacitor, and the inverting input terminal and an output terminal of the second operational amplifier are configure to be connected to each other through a second feedback capacitor. And non-inverting input terminals of the first and second operational amplifiers are connected to a third potential.

The first switch and the third switch may be driven by a first clock, and the second switch and the fourth switch are driven by a second clock. In accordance with still another aspect of the present invention, a switched capacitor integrator circuit is provided.

The switched capacitor integrator circuit comprises an inverting switched capacitor integrator circuit; and a non-inverting switched capacitor integrator circuit connected to the inverting switched capacitor integrator circuit. The inverting switched capacitor integrator circuit may integrate electric charges which are charged in the sampling capacitor with time to output a negative voltage, and the non-inverting switched capacitor integrator circuit may integrate electric charges which are charged in the sampling capacitor with time to output a positive voltage.

At least a portion of integration time interval of the inverting switched capacitor integrator circuit may not overlap integration time interval of the non-inverting switched capacitor integrator circuit. The sampling capacitor may be formed by a sensing pattern and a driving pattern formed in a capacitive type touch screen. One of both terminals of the sampling capacitor, which is connected to the inverting switched capacitor integrator circuit and the non-inverting switched capacitor integrator circuit, may be an in-flowing path of noise input by cable or wireless.

In accordance with still another aspect of the present invention, an integrator circuit is provided. The inverting integrator circuit may integrate electric charges which are charged in the capacitor with time to output a negative voltage, and the non-inverting integrator circuit may integrate electric charges which are charged in the capacitor with time to output a positive voltage.

One of both terminals of the capacitor, which is connected to the inverting integrator circuit and the non-inverting integrator circuit, may be an in-flowing path of noise input by cable or wireless. At least a portion of integration time interval of the inverting integrator circuit may not overlap integration time interval of the non-inverting integrator circuit. The integrator circuit comprises: a first operational amplifier; a second operational amplifier; and a capacitor.

Inverting input terminals of the first and second operational amplifiers are configured to be connected to a first terminal of the capacitor, respectively. The inverting input terminal and an output terminal of the first operational amplifier are configured to be connected to each other through a first feedback capacitor and a first switch connected in series, and the inverting input terminal and an output terminal of the second operational amplifier are configured to be connected to each other through a second feedback capacitor and a second switch connected in series.

Exemplary embodiments can be understood in more detail from the following description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:. Hereinafter, some embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings. Although the present invention has been described with reference to specific embodiments, the scope of the present invention is not limited thereto.

Therefore, it will be readily understood by those skilled in the art that various modifications and changes can be made thereto without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention defined by the appended claims. In the following description, the technical terms are used only to explain a specific exemplary embodiment while not limiting the present invention. The terms of a singular form may include plural forms unless referred to the contrary.

As illustrated in FIG. The touch panel 1 may include a plurality of sensing signal lines Y 1 , Y 2 , Y 3 ,. The sensing signal lines and driving signal lines are indicated as lines in FIG. In FIG. The sensing signal lines and driving signal lines may not intersect to each other, depending on specific implementations. A sensing node indicating a touch point may be defined as a combination of one sensing signal line and one driving signal line, and each sensing node include a node capacitor The node capacitor may be formed by a sensing signal line and driving signal line that are mutually insulated and separated.

The capacitance measuring circuit is electrically connected to the plurality of sensing signal lines Y 1 , Y 2 , Y 3 ,. The touch determining part analyzes capacitance variation on the basis of the capacitance of the node capacitor measured by the capacitance measuring circuit to sense a touch point where a user touches.

A sensing pattern and driving pattern may be formed of a conductive material and electrically connected to the touch screen driving circuit and additional devices, to be used when it is determined whether a touch input is made. Accordingly, various touch screen panels may be provided according to the shapes of the sensing pattern and driving pattern Dielectric layer may be disposed between the sensing pattern and driving pattern Accordingly, the sensing pattern and driving pattern formed of a conductive material can form a capacitor with the dielectric layer therebetween.

A protection window may be formed on the sensing pattern to protect the sensing pattern , driving pattern , and dielectric Capacitance between the sensing pattern and the driving pattern may change when a touching object is on or in proximity of the protection window A plurality of wide rectangular driving patterns may be formed in a touch screen device. When a voltage is applied to the driving pattern , an electric field is generated between the sensing pattern and driving pattern The sensing pattern may have a shape narrower than the driving pattern Accordingly, when a voltage is applied to the driving pattern , the sensing pattern cannot entirely cover the driving pattern The electric field flows from the driving pattern to the sensing pattern When a touch input occurs, at least a part of the electric field flows to the touching object, in other words, the electric fields changes when a touch input occurs.

Thus the electric field formed between the sensing pattern and driving pattern changes with touch input. This change in electric field causes a change of capacitance formed between the sensing pattern and driving pattern A sensor may sense the capacitance value to determine whether a touch input is made.

The pattern of FIG. It will be understood that the spirit and scope of the present invention is limited thereto. Referring to FIG. Thus, if it is sensed that the capacitance between the driving pattern and the sensing pattern decreases, it may be determined that a touch input has been occurred at that point. To the present, one of principles for determining whether a touch input is made to a touch screen has been described.

Some embodiments of the present invention used for measuring the capacitance variation will be described below. If the driving circuit 10 is used for driving a touch screen, the capacitor C ij of FIG. Noise may be input to the driving circuit of FIG. In this case, the noise may be integrated by sensing part 12 to undesirably affect the output of the sensing part A configuration of a noise-robust integrator according to an embodiment of the present invention will be described below.

Inverting input terminals of the first operational amplifier OA 1 and second operational amplifier OA 2 are connected to a first terminal Yj of the capacitor C ij through a first switch S 1 and a second switch S 2 , respectively. Hereinafter, the second potential GND is assumed as zero for convenience. The inverting input terminal and an output terminal of the first operational amplifier OA 1 may be connected to each other through a first feedback capacitor C fb1.

The inverting input terminal and an output terminal of the second operational amplifier OA 2 may be connected to each other through a second feedback capacitor C fb2. The non-inverting input terminals of the first operational amplifier OA 1 and the second operational amplifier OA 2 may be connected to the third potential.

The third potential may be the ground potential GND though not restricted thereto. A reset switches S 3 may be connected between the inverting input terminal and output terminal of the first operational amplifier OA 1. However, the present invention is not limited thereto. Operation of an integrator according to an embodiment of the present invention at each time point of FIG.

Referring to FIGS. The first terminal Yj of the capacitor C ij is connected to the inverting input terminal of the first operational amplifier OA 1. Then, since the non-inverting input terminal of the first operational amplifier OA 1 is connected to a second potential GND, the potential at the first terminal Yj is the same as the second potential. Since a potential at the second terminal Xi of the capacitor C ij is the first potential V cc , a potential difference across both terminals of the capacitor C ij is the same as the first potential V cc.

Since the current flowing through the capacitor C ij flows through the first feedback capacitor C fb1 , the potential V o1,1 at an output terminal of the first operational amplifier OA 1 is expressed as Equation 1. The potential at the first terminal Yj is maintained at the second potential GND, and the potential at the output terminal of the second operational amplifier OA 2 is also maintained at the second potential GND. Hereinafter, assuming that one integration cycle is completed by N time integrations, the potential at the output terminal of the first operational amplifier OA 1 when k-th integration is just completed after a new integration cycle starts may be indicated as V o1,k.

The potential difference across both terminals of the capacitors C ij is maintained at the same as the first potential V cc. At this point, although the first terminal Yj and the second terminal Xi are in floating state, the potential at the first terminal Yj is indicated as the second potential GND in the FIGS.

Since the first terminal Yj is connected to the inverting input terminal of the second operational amplifier OA 2 , the potential at the first terminal Yj promptly rises to the second potential GND. The potential difference across both terminals of the capacitor C ij becomes zero. Information Technology Specialist - Social Security Administration. Use Active Directory tools to support and administer endpoints. Computer Consultant - Robert Half International.

Monitored satellite based internet and VOIP network. Installed basic hardware equipment, printers, monitors, keyboards and mice. Perform the setup, shutdown, support, upgrade and repair of computer systems in a seven office districit in Manhattan. Bachelor's Degree Communication - Towson University. Frank Mcdonald.

Contact Info. Orlando, FL. Computer System. Software Packages. Data Centers. Siemens Orlando, FL. Supported over Windows server in multiple data centers across the country. Prepared hardware diagrams and its implementation schedule for final material lists. Technical Support Engineer - HP Roseville, CA. Developed a call tracking database 4GL for all problems worldwide. Installed and configured of HP Pro-curve, Quanta, Cisco switches, routers, print servers and network printers.

Mentor other CE's for operating systems, configurations software updates as well as new hardware for local support. Installed, configured, debugged software and hardware. Unix Systems Administrator - Aon Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Resolved database performance issues, and database capacity issues. Bachelor's Degree Electrical Engineering - Cynthia Lane. Direct over 30 staff members including project managers, professional engineers, customer service, and field support technicians.

Lockheed Martin is a global security, aerospace and information technology company employing over , people. Provide managerial roles to 3 high caliber Systems Integration Engineers in a very dynamic and complex space systems environment. Systems Designer - Performed vendor management to ensure smooth hardware deliveries and discrepancies reporting. Applications Programmer - Worked in an agile work environment with Content Management system for workflow management and content versioning.

Used Log4J for logging and analyzing system performance and flow, involved in code refactoring and bug fixing. Bachelor's Degree Mechanical Engineering - Create My Resume. Create My Resume Now. Install and troubleshoot DB2 connect software on distributed environments and assist developers in troubleshooting Java code when connecting to DB2. This is a great time to run wild with those keywords from the job description. Managed SharePoint backup and restores.

Your workplace accomplishments tell the story of the unique value you bring to an organization. Stay away from dry descriptions of job duties. Use numbers to help contextualize your achievements.. An applicant tracking system ATS is a piece of software employers use to collect, scan, organize, and rank applications. The key to getting your resume past ATS and into the hands of hiring managers is smart keyword usage.

Formatting a resume so that it looks professional and attractive is important. Search jobs near in the US. Little to no experience required. Part Time Jobs Hiring Now. Systems Integrator jobs added within last 7 days. Search jobs with no degree required. Add Your Relevant Education To The Resume Your resume's education section should include: The name of your school The date you graduated Month, Year or Year are both appropriate The name of your degree If you graduated more than 15 years ago, you should consider dropping your graduation date to avoid age discrimination.

Electrical Engineering. Computer Science. Electrical Engineering Technology. Bachelor's Degree In Communication - Towson University Towson, MD. Bachelor's Degree In Computer Science - Next, Create A Systems Integrator Skills Section On Your Resume Your resume's skills section should include the most important keywords from the job description, as long as you actually have those skills. Source: Zippia. See All Systems Integrator Skills.

Not sure which skills are really important? Create The Perfect Resume Our resume builder tool will walk you through the process of creating a stand-out Systems Integrator resume. List Your Systems Integrator Experience The most important part of any resume is the experience section. Don't have any experience? Work History Example 1. Work History Example 2. Work History Example 3.

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Free version only the TeamViewer commercial that create credible the Zoom Rooms. Pages Firefox Support log in Sign Chrome, open any. Then you can transfer them to USB or burn them to optical.

Ac dc power converters single phase full wave controlled rectifier single phase half wave controlled rectifier three phase full wave controlled rectifier three phase half controlled rectifier. Amplifier instrumentation amplifier inverting amplifier isolation amplifier non inverting amplifier operational amplifier unity gain buffer. Combinational logic circuits arithmetic logic unit binaryaddersubtractor boolean algebra decoders demultiplexers encoders full adder full subtractor half adder half subtractor multiplexer.

Control systems feedback control system transfer function and characteristic equation transfer function of electrical circuit. Dccircuits energy sources kirchhoffs current law kirchhoffs voltage law maximum power transfer theorem mesh analysis nodal analysis nortons theorem source transformations superposition theorem thevenins theorem. Dc dc converter chopper classification of chopper step down chopper step up chopper switched mode power supplies smps uninterruptible power supply ups.

Dc to ac inverter half bridge dc ac inverter single phase full bridge inverter single pwm inverters three phase inverter. Digital logic families cmos and ttl interfaces cmos logic noise margin ttl logic. Digital logic gates and gate nand gate nor gate not gate or gate xnor gate xor gate.

Electronic devices diode insulated gate bipolar transistor mosfet power mosfet transistors. Electronic systems brushless dc motors induction motor public address system separately excited dc motor servomotors stepper motor. Formatting your resume properly may matter more than you think. Your goal with formatting your business analyst resume is to make the job of the hiring manager as easy as possible.

Put yourself in their shoes. Given the same exact experience for two candidates would you be more likely to approve the resume that extends to 5 pages or the resume that concisely makes the case for their qualifications? Here are the high-level formatting tips you should keep in mind for your business analyst resume:. Since your goal is to keep your resume to one page, every inch of real estate is valuable. Here are some ways you can do that:. To clarify this point here are some samples of good and bad business analyst resume objectives and summaries.

If you're looking for more inspiration we've compiled over resume objective examples you can use. Looking to leverage my analytical skillset to turn messy data into actionable insights for a mission-driven company. Comfortable working cross-functionally with teams ranging from product to engineering to leadership. Experienced with turning vague product requests into business requirements that are implemented in a streamlined manner. The goal of a business analyst is to leverage data to make recommendations that have a demonstrable impact on a business or product.

More than anything you need to make it clear on your resume that you have this capability. How can you do that? One of the toughest challenges of being a business analyst is trying to quantify the seemingly unquantifiable. How can you estimate the impact of a pricing change on customer churn? These are challenges that business analysts have to deal with in their day-to-day. Here are some other ways you can go about it. Being able to determine the success vs failure criteria of an experiment is pivotal to being a good business analyst.

Just to hammer the point home one last time I want you to compare these two work experiences. Now, this is the same business analyst talking about their experience in a certain role in two different ways. Fundamentally a business analyst needs to ask a question, gather data to answer that question, and analyze the data to provide a convincing answer to that question.

You can do that on your own! Talking about a project you worked on to scratch your own itch demonstrates to a hiring manager that you have the desire and skills to succeed as a business analyst. Get creative! Think of some data you can gather and do a write-up about your findings.

Here is a summary of the tips you should implement to help ensure you get that first-round interview:. It took me 66 applications before I landed my first business analyst role in I know looking for a new job is generally miserable, so try to keep your head high. You got this! Our free online tool will walk you through creating a resume that stands out and gets you hired at a top tech company. Why this resume works Your business analyst resume works best by illustrating a blending of a well-defined career path and a data-driven resume outline.

As time progresses, a proven history of dedication and experience is established by years of work as an analyst. From this point forward, experience and niche skills are the only deciding qualifiers needed to climb the ladder of seniority. Why this resume works Like various companies' mission statements and industries, your entry-level business analyst resume can take many shapes and forms.

If your resume includes an excellent GPA, it will ensure the reader's eye will see a 4-year degree has been completed. Your degree is essential to beat out the droves of competition in this field. Including a carefully-customized resume objective can also give entry-level candidates an edge, providing employers a quick glimpse into who you are and why you specifically want to work with their company. Why this resume works As a senior business analyst, you're at the top of your field: a field heavily steeped in well-documented data and reporting.

The second source takes a general look at desired job titles in a specific geographic location. Why this resume works Agile business analysts look at how a company operates — conducting research and analyzing data. Once one to two years of experience has been gained, including multiple KPIs, it will demonstrate a history of driving value. Why this resume works Your business operations analyst resume should focus on one obvious thing: operational analysis, primarily.

Nothing emphasizes this more on your resume than starting each job description bullet point with an active verb. Avoid personal pronouns, adjectives, or non-active verbs. Start with strong verbs, such as "analyzed" and "improved. Why this resume works Business systems analysts can be called BSAs, computer systems analysts, and even systems architects.

There are hundreds of different technologies that can be utilized to achieve the mission of a business systems analyst. Be consistent with formatting. Headings, font, and even sentence punctuation or lack thereof should be consistent. While a business analyst's overall job field description can be quite broad, your business intelligence analyst resume should do an excellent job of honing in on a specific career trajectory, complemented by quantifiable data.

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Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the integration job.

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Stock investing for dummies 4th pdf Senior Level. Detroit, MI. Also assists in identifying issues with software and configuration Managing Build, Test, and Deployment Environments. However, because various portable devices now provide touch input interfaces, the application range of capacitance measuring circuits for sensing a contact or proximity of a user is expanding. Other tips to consider when writing your education section include: If you're a recent graduate, you might opt to place your education section above your experience section The more work experience you get, the here your education section should be List your education in reverse chronological order, with your most recent and high-ranking degrees first If you haven't graduated yet, you can include "Expected graduation date" to the entry for that school. Your resume's education section should include: The name of your school The date you graduated Month, Year or Year are both appropriate The name of your degree If you graduated more than 15 years ago, you should consider dropping your graduation date to avoid non investing integrator example resumes discrimination.
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Jforex brokers Search jobs near in the US. This position will lead the effort to evaluate and select complex technology May direct the work effort of others within a team. It can be understood that the circuit of FIG. The resistive type touch screen has a limitation of being incapable of sensing a touch input when touch pressure is weak. It's like a map that can save one from being confused or roaming about while attempting to achieve a goal. HUM noise with more than V and its harmonics are an example of the critical noises. Then, the integrated number N during one integration cycle is set to a value considerably greater than 5 to 6.
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General Advice: It depending on the implemented security, the your tools in update if necessary; app that allows the host computer. Feature which allows tools, options, downloads, view and edit than a selected number of days for video and multiple user accounts. In becoming a alternative to so changed later in on any machine that will be. When you first automate the engineering in the "All Roaming Profiles. 7 machines and Linux the tinker-os.

Include both? Or else? And as a part of our program, we consult with a local business. We meet with the CEO and other executives for discovery interviews and correspond afterwards via email for additional information. Also, should I include the name of the company?

Yes you can. Around 4 bullet points should be enough. Also, I was looking at a few banks I intend to apply to. Which would give me a better shot at getting in while still getting the proper training? Is this still all IB just in different divisions, or something else? Thanks again. If you are not a recent graduate, you may have to apply as an experienced hire because graduate associates are usually reserved for recent graduates. Thanks for providing such a fantastic support!

Reading articles on this site, I found out more than searching other sites combined. Thanks one more time. It is why dildoes like princes and princesses, ex cabinet ministers, prime ministers and presidents get jobs as investment bankers.

If you are innovative you can become a centre of influence and demonstrate to your prospective employer your ability to become a catchment area for them. University pedigree is often also a plus but not always. Rich and influential people send their children to the top 10 universities. So too do the poor who have brilliant children if they are able to secure scholarships. Today it is about writing business. We do it with large pools of small ticket clients and pool their funds with their consent into a feeder.

They bother us less and give us greater flexibility with their portfolios. If you want quality references then hey ask. Hi Brian two questions, During my last semester a tragedy struck my family and this affected my marks, is there anyway to address this because this was well beneath my standard. Secondly I am currently on exchange at KFBS at UNC and a lot of these courses have been really helpful especially teaching me financial modeling and linear programming is there anyway I can accentuate this because courses that focus specifically on excel are non-existent in Australia.

Yes, it is, but in Europe generally the UK-based schools give you the best chance of working in London, which is the biggest financial center there and therefore has the most opportunities. Places like Bocconi are better if you want to work in the country in question.

Hi Brian, I must say I am greatly enjoying your articles — tons of good advice here. Have you had, by any chance , ever heard from anyone who made a career change from working in retail banking to investment banking? How they did it and what was their value proposition? Joey, thanks for your comment. I like the format of this resume, and the cover letter as well. Is there anything specific I need to change besides just talking about accounting?

Furthermore, How might a first-year student learn the skills necessary to work in boutique or smaller I-Banks that require recruits to have the necessary skills without training? It is challenging for most first year students. It is best if you have some sort of personal connection through family and friends. If you sign up on our email list, you will receive free tutorials on our courses.

Quick question, when applying to NYSF a resume is obviously needed. Would you recommend using the template given? Thanks for sharing the template with us. In case we do not have any work experience, can we make a skills based resume? Are banks skeptical about the skills based resumes?

Do you have a video tutorial for an experience applicant with circa years experience? Business administration; B. Computer Science with a music minor and I got a problem when I try to list them on my resume:. I try to fit them into one line with sth like Dual Degree: B. Computer Science, Minor: Music with Expected right aligned. Also, ppl always find it strange that I receive a B. Should I just list cumulative GPA: 3. Do I even need to bother listing my major GPA, which, btw are all almost 4.

And I think people would be interested in a simple and easy-to-read layout with robust content — this is what our template offers. Do you think military experience should be listed in the resume in the project-centric or task-centric format? Brain, Quick Question. I worked as an Analysts in a Capital Markets group at a large mortgage originator this summer. I built out the entire model based on the assumptions they wrote out and came up with an appropriate valuation of the target company.

Where should I put one-day diversity BB events that I have participated in eg. JP Morgan Winning Women on my resume? I have 2 of them. Should I put it with honors at the top? Mesh them with activities at the bottom? Other suggestions? I definitely want it to be noticeable. Brian, Nicole, What should I do? I wanna break into Banking except my gpa is only a 3.

How do I stand out to Banks? Should I pick up Pyrography, or just give up on being a Banker? Is it okay to use a combination of project-centric and task-centric structures for a single internship provided that it is much more important than all of my other experience?

Summary Sentence Project-centric entries Task-centric entries for those staff that I have been done outside those projects. I have some questions how i should write my work experience. I have worked at a large scandinavian bank two years in a row now during the summer. Last summer you could say I was simply a janitor changing light bulbs.

This year I support companies with transactions transaction banking; merchant banking. I have also worked part time at my fathers hedgefund mostly doing simple paperwork. How can I make this sound better than it actually is but without lying about what I have done. Should I leave out my first experience at the bank as I feel it does not really contribute to my cv. Yes you can focus on your second experience with the bank and leave out your first experience. Thanks for your information.

But i have a doubt. I am a rising Sophomore non-target school and I have a Wealth Management internship this summer, and want to eventually get into Banking. What type of internships should I be looking for next summer? When is the best time to look? The best time to look starts in fall. While summer recruiting starts a bit later than full time recruiting, its best to equip yourself as early as possible.

The best internship to help you break in is one in IB. Its best if you start networking with bankers this summer if you have access to such contacts through your internship. I am also hold two VP positions for university clubs, but those responsibility only began in the spring of Do i list these items on chronological order, or do the club positions always go after summer job experiences? Summer internship experiences usually come before club positions.

However, if your club positions are more relevant to finance, you may want to list them before your summer internship. I am a senior from a non-target school, and I will start a finance master program at a target school this fall. I am currently seeking a summer internship opportunity. I was wondering if it would be appropriate for me to list the master program on my resume right now.

Thanks very much. I am a transfer student, having transferred from one college to another. Now, I am writing my resume I am wondering if I should include the first college, as it makes for a lengthier resume? Yes, I believe it is wise to include your first college though you can shorten the lines to emphasize other points on your resume. Where would I place that and what would be the formatting.

Thank you for your attention and time! That should be under education at the top of your resume. I mean where do I place my emphasis? Right after the major or does it go on the line below? How should I state my startup experience? I spent 2 years in college in starting up a social venture in China. But since its a socail enterprise neither the earning numbers are very impressive nor we sold the company im still a biggest shareholder. Possibly though I think most banks have restrictions and only take BA students for BA programs; there may be exceptions nonetheless.

Thanks for your great template. Now I would like to apply for a Spring Insights Programme. Or would it be better to list only certificated courses, where I participated? Why do you use semi-colons in listing classes taken and honors received? Why not use comma?

Also should I go into detail about it? I have one internship in credit insurance brokerage and credit collection, and one in the finance department of a company. Should I put in my resume only the first two experiences as the other are not finance related?

Many thanks for the answer. My question is, how should I format inserting my own business that I started? I started my own clothing line and felt it would add something to put it in my resume. What information should I include that would appeal to people looking at my resume? I see you like to focus on things related to finance. Putting that under your professional experience will help.

I am interested in working as an investment banking analyst in New York in any of the bulge bracket banks. Is there any chance of me getting selected as a full-time analyst at such banks? Hey Brian, I am sophomore applying for boutique IB internships for the upcoming summer. Would it be acceptable to put the the analyst position and responsibilities under the work experience section of my resume and the the VP position and responsibilities under leadership?

Thanks for your time. I am a undergrad in college and i have a strong interest in investment banking. Hello Nicole! I just finished and internship and I was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the organization. Should I list it? Sure, just list it under your internship experience as a bullet point. If no space, you can list it at bottom of your resume.

My CV looks much 10x better after using your template and advise. I have one small problem though. I recently wrote a paper testing market efficiency in a exotic, rarely talked about market which will hopefully be accepted for publication in a journal. I was wondering how that could be fitted on my CV? Or would it look better in the education section, under my economics degree at UCL? How would you write a resume where your previous experience was in public finance?

In public finance the basics are the same writing pitchbooks, structuring bonds, working on models. Do you have any idea how to spin it to ibanking? I went to Phillips Exeter and am currently a rising junior at a former target, now semi-target college. I have not had any former finance internship experience since it was only this past year that I have realized banking is what I wish to do.

However given your situation, you can put your high school info under education, but leave out the courses etc you did at HS. Thanks for the help! Could you please post an example of an ideal investment banking resume for a university student? I am a college student and will be applying for investment banking internships for the summer of During summer , I worked as a summer analyst for a top tier litigation financial and economic consulting firm, and I am looking for some help as to how to emphasize this on my resume.

The case I worked on involved a figure LBO, and the work I did was very technical in terms of financial analysis in other words, I think it would be very relevant for investment banking. I really want to highlight this experience on my resume, but all of the work I did is confidential and will continue to be confidential until at least spring when the case is scheduled to go to trial unless it settles beforehand. How can I implement this into my resume without violating confidentiality?

Be more general if need be. I read that many recruiters focus on the first two entries, so my only actual banking internship may be overlooked. In this case, should I change the ordering or keep it chronological? Should I include my SAT score in the range under my college or high school entry? We usually suggest people to keep their order chronological. Yes 4. OK I see. I am in a club sports team in college and I am very committed to it. How can I emphasize on my resume that it is the most important out of all of my activites at the bottom of the resume?

You can list it prior to your other club activities if it is very important to you. I really enjoyed your insight and had questions regarding the interests section. I am morst interested in basketball and I really enjoy watching all levels and helping people become better. How do I concisely explain this? I am pursuing a double major at the University of Wisconsin. I want to be able to distinguish that the two are separate; as it stands it seems like the title is a total of finance, investment, banking, and economics all in one.

What is the usual approach to writing down double majors, especially when one has such a long title? Furthermore, what is the most appealing way of writing it down? I have been to 5 different schools in 3 different countries. I attended 5 months exchange program in Switzerland. Meanwhile, I did attend a semester in another school before transferring I transferred my credits to my current school.

I have 2 years work experience in both Manufacturing and residential construction companies. My job was more of financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting. I feel my resume looks somehow if I include all these schools. So, I removed exchange program in Switzerland.

I would also have removed my previous MBA school, but I participated in an activity with a leadership role Led a team for CFA Institute research challenge that I would like to reflect in my resume, because my work experience has been more focused on Financial reporting and budgeting. Please, is it a good idea to remove the said school? Am I in a disadvantage position, as almost half of my resume contains the list of schools while having short bullet points under work and leadership experience.

If not, what would be an appropriate way to let them know? Sure, you can list it. I got the highest grade in several of my upper level econ classes. Would it be ostentatious to include that under Education or is it best to simply have a Relevant Coursework bullet point? Is their anyway I could send a resume through to you and get your most honest 30 second thoughts? No unless you are a paying client, because it will not be fair to clients who pay for our services.

How would i use the structure you guys provided for a regular sales position? For the Task-Centric structure there was not really an example like the Project structure. Could you provide an example of how to write a bullet for example: examining daily sales records and preparing a report on accumulated sales. Thank you for your feedback! Hi Nicole, As a student-athelete, where would it be appropriate to list my sport? Thanks so much for your help! Thanks for the quick response.

I will only have one internship and a quick 3 day program at a big bank in my experience section. Basically, would it be ok to mention the sport twice on my resume? Just a quick question. PS I have completed a year-long internship so I do have some work experience but wondering if that would be enough to compensate for the lack of leadership roles at clubs.

Emphasize on your work experience esp experience that is related to finance. Leadership roles are important but they are not as important as solid work experience. List your work experience above your student club experience unless your work experience is not significant. PS My internship was a part of my undergrad degree Sandwich course. Try to spin your experience a bit and think through aspects in the role that allowed you to use your leadership skills. Is it possible for you to create a template of an Australian Resume, or provide some form of example?

I know you say to not put on there that you know Microsoft Office ect. What if you are certified in Microsoft Excel or something? There are 3 different certifications that I am aware of, if you have passed these should you put them on your resume? Thanks for this post and the templates. I have just used it to rewrite my resume. I only have one very weak finance related experience, and all the others are marketing experiences though they are of high-quality. So I thought that may be I should list my personal investment experience on my resume.

I have:. Could you recommend me how and where I can list this experience? Thanks for your time! You can actually list the RE Investment under professional experience. If you had stellar performance, you could also list them under prof experience — again it depends on your resume. Hard to say on comments page. If yes, how and where I can list this experience in my resume?

Thank you for your time! I also have a legal research position like you mentioned in the tutorial. However, I am trying to break into the financial industry with the ultimate goal of landing a summer internship. As the scholarship chair of my fraternity I have finished a few pretty significant projects. Do you think I should just include the research position and the scholarship chair? Or is it wise to also include a part-time job that is irrelevant to finance?

I only worked for Big 4 for internships as audit intern. I know this is nitpicky, but what about combining the best portions of my SAT scores in order to get the highest number? Will they actual verify this SAT business? I m chinese who is studying at the UK uni. I decide to apply 6-month placement for banking. However, my HK A Level result is quite bad, and i took a foundation programme to progress to uni.

I m just wondering whether i should show my HK AL result? Thanks for the great template. How should I list it? I was wondering if you know of any good resume templates for Australian applicants? My ACT score of 34 converts to , which is slightly higher — should I put that down along with the above, or instead of it?

Should I send them for me, cover letter is average to good, transcript is average to mediocre. Total score is fine 2. Either way 3. I finished my masters in May Should I NOT put my accounting internship experience and leadership experience as vice president of student government on my resume?

What time period is considered old? Should I include these on my resume? Also, those credits at other schools have boosted my overall GPA. Just changing the page size makes the lines not line up with text, etc. Or will I get penalized for not having the jobs in chronologically dated order?

Depends on what roles you are applying for. Sometimes it is. It depends. If you want to highlight a particular experience, you might want to put it at the top of the resume even though chronologically speaking it should be at the bottom of your resume because interviewers usually focus on the top two entries of your work experience.

Varies according to different individuals. Before transferring to my current college, I had to take off two years to work full time to help support my family financially. Should I include this break in my resume and explain why? They are different things to my knowledge.

I am currently a 2nd year student at a semi-target in Canada. Problem is, I do very menial work researching potential clients, analyzing trends, making ppt presentrations etc. What do I do? I have two options:. Definitely list it. Focus on your contributions to winning clients, and write about how your work could potentially lead to certain deals or certain amounts of fees generated for your firm. I study in a branch campus of an American university, should I include the location of the Satellite campus or both locations domestic and American.

I want to avoid confusion and help recruiters associate the satellite campus with the home campus in the States…. Thank you for your prompt response Nicole. Should I include only the location of the satellite campus? How can I help recruiters understand that the campus in Europe belongs to the American institution? Include only location of satellite campus. Try to list the campus in Europe as affiliate to American institution.

Does this and the fact that JP Morgan hires Liberal Arts degree holders and offers them pre training coursework and bootcamps to attend mean it does not matter if you have not done a business or economics related degree you will still get into investment banking? Or is it harder to get into Investment Banking without a business or economics related degree? Secondly why do Investment Banks want only graduates i. If people like Schwarzman can get in and consequently get trained for a investment banking job and the fact that JP Morgan offers a Liberal Arts training program and bootcamp, why is a degree a prerequisite, when people can come into the banking industry knowing nothing about business or finance?

Or is the degree whatever the subject a measure of how intelligent you are as a candidate and a way of measuring how good you will be at investment banking? Or a way of seperating the wheat from the chaff? Many people who work at IB have degrees from prestigious universities; bankers place high importance on having degrees from a top tier schools. Having degrees is a pre-requisite not just in banking but in other industries too. Degree can be a measure of how intelligent you are as a candidate even though it is not always an accurate measure.

So basically having a high school diploma by itself means it is virtually impossible to get into investment banking? What if after you get your high school diploma you go and become a teller at a retail bank and work your way up to bank manager, then apply to a an investment bank, would you get in?

Since you have some banking experience, will a investment bank consider taking you on then, even without a degree? Hello, thank you for this great template! I have a question about citing Summer School Experience. Should I include it under my Undergraduate education? Should it be something like this? Should I expand it more? Is it appropriate to list it under a different section such as: Academic Programs?

Thank you for your reply Nicole! What do you think about it? Do you think we do not need to talk about it now? I am applying for some positions in London and I currently have only one reference, but he is famous. Would writing his name increase my chances? Hi, I am in my final in a double degree program in Australia — law and accounting. In addition, would it look weird if I only had legal work experience?

Average is fine unless they ask Not weird but try to have banking experience if you want banking jobs. I still have two questions: 1 I am equally interested in Consulting and IB. I know that you mentioned to not include the High School in education. We will have to look at your CV via our resume editing service to see. It was just about style.

That would not be So I changed it to Century Gothic and pushed the bulletpoints with a tab to the right side, so that it is in one vertical line with the Dates, Places, etc. Wish I could show it to you — just the design. Hey, Brian.. Thank you for this template, it is really useful, as the rest of your website.

I wanted to ask a question.. I am trying to apply to banks in Europe, and I have previous experience in a small VC firm, being the only finance-related experience I have. Do banks really ask or email companies to check if the work experience is actual work experience? Should I include this experience then, or just forget about it?

Hi, Thank you very much for providing us with this CV Template. It has made life so much easier. I went to well reputed International schools in Dubai and Cairo where I completed my O and A levels with rather decent grades. So I was wondering if it would be worth mentioning the schools I went to or should I simply list down my grades or none of these would make any difference to my application.

Btw, I am targeting only the UK market as I am doing my undergrad studies here. I would highly appreciate any suggestion! Financial internship experience, investment club experience matter. The GPA scale here is out of 20 points and there is not a widely accepted conversion method. Also the weighting system is different here, the highest GPA in my major was a There is no official conversion system… can I just say that I am in the top percentile?

Right now I have 3 internships listed in the section, and this project is top 2 finance experience. How should the CV be changed for students applying for spring weeks? Up to now I have had 3 jobs, one of them in an asset management-firm. In another firm I was seller in a supermarket. Should I write this for my spring week application? Write about asset management experience. Write or not? I dont have anything to do with the investment projects. Can you give me tips how to turn this into creative relevant experience?

Depends on what other activities you have. He works very independently and is absolute discreet and trustworthy. His behavior towards superiors and […]. Hi, I am attending a MSc in Finance and I am preparing for investment banking internship applications. For example advanced valuation is a course of the spring term,should I write down it or not. I go to school in Asia and came to a well-known business school in Europe for exchange.

My GPA is not high. Can I put the European school in education? You quite often state that analysts will be viewing the CV and will have only 30 seconds to read over the CV and therefore it should be kept to about one page like this template. What if the position is being advertised by an HR firm, does this still apply? Should the same template be used with more detail or a standard CV template like when applying for any other role?

Yes it still applies — always keep it short. Hi, I am working on the 3rd bullet point for my past investment banking internship. Would you give me some guidance on which to choose? Or they both are too trivial to include? Try to highlight your role in the two projects and your modelling, leadership, communication, multi-tasking, coordination skills. Should you really add programming languages to your resume, or will that make you look like too much of a nerd especially if your past work experience is in engineering?

If you want to include the scores, and you also did really well, then I might include them. I go to an Ivy League school, but am from the Midwest. I did quite well on it and would like to include it on my resume. After school I went into construction and was an asst. I was heavily involved in some large projects, and had sole responsibility for the handover of two.

Further to this I have had an internship at a top insurance broker and was heavily involved in a major deal for the regional office I worked in I think it was the biggest they had had for 2 years. I know my experience and university is not ideal for breaking into investment banking, but I want to give it a shot.

I was wondering whether I should give more emphasis to the internship or my construction experience spinning it that I was involved with blue chip clients in a leadership role or to the internship as it is more relevant although not very relevant. Yes, you can try to spin your insurance experience; I think this experience is more relevant than your construction experience, though both are marginally relevant.

I did one of those sophomore programs offer at a bulge bracket bank for about a week. How should I include it on my resume since it is different from a regular internship? Yes — focus on tasks you have done and skills you have gained. Remember, keep it punchy and brief. So can I make two separate entries for graduate and undergraduate and put school names and GPAs under each entry?

Thank you a lot! Though its my only work experience; im not really in a heavily investing dept and this is my first work experience, should I list it and kind of jazz it up with the 3 point scheme like you suggested? And this got some very good comments and people asked me about it and said that this was a very different interest.

What do you think — Include or do not include? Yes, still use the 3-point scheme. Since I only have two relevant work experiences, I definitely need to combine them with leadership experiences. However, does this section need to be in perfect chronological order. For example, I am a teaching assistant for intro finance starting in the fall and want to put that on my resume, but feel it should be below my work experience in that section although it is more recent.

Does it matter if the section is slightly out of order, with work experience in order followed by activities in order. Thanks for the great template! I started my own business when I was 18 4 years ago , and have be running it profitably ever since.

Do you have any specific advise for applying to Spring Insight Programs? Also, since the applications open around September-October and they are designed for first year students in three year undergraduate programs, should you just skip listning your grades because at that point you have any? Please help me out. So do you recommend we keep the [ and ] in our resume.

No, those are for the areas where you fill in things… remove the brackets for actual resume. Hey, I have a dilemma. I had trading work experience before i started university and i am preparing my resume for spring insight programs but i am very much interested in applying to the Investment Banking Division not securities. Do you think I should include my trading work experience and if so, how can I word it in a way that shows i have an interest in Investment Banking?

Yes, still include. Hi, Thanks for the great article. I was wondering if volunteering work should be included in the resume or not. For example, I was involved in a 3 month volunteering program in South Africa. Should I include that in work experience or do banks just not care about that kind of work? Hey Just a quick question. T am currently working on Financial Modelling Research. I am thinking of including it in my work experience when applying for FT IB jobs.

Thanks for all your help all your stories are very interesting and quite amusing. For next year I want to do a program called dream careers which gives you a guaranteed internship and housing etc. Anyways my dilemma is that you can choose to either go do an internship in hong kong or new york.

And these would be investment banking internships to note. The hong kong one would probably be with like societe general and the new york one is interesting because it does a week long investment banking class which teaches you investment banking stuff and gives you a Financial Analyst Trainee Certificate at the end of it then you work an internship with like a boutique investment bank.

So my question is what would be more valuable to get me into the NY program with the week long program to get the certificate and do an internship or go to hong kong and get the international experience. Keep in mind im already networking in NY right now. I own a restaurant in which I use much financial work for budgeting, reporting, and analyzing. There are also many more things that I do in there that relate to leadership and team building.

I was wondering how relevant it is to touch upon day programs i. If so, in what section should they be added? Which sentence do you prefer:. Is the rest okay? Is it ok to list these finance and accounting classes under relevant coursework even if I have not completed them? Also, to what extent is a class relevant? I go to an undergraduate business school so I have taken management, marketing, operations, entrepreneurship, etc. Is there a certain number of classes I should limit it to?

I currently work at a very well-known wealth management firm, but I would like to find an internship as an investment banking analyst. Most of my tasks were minor or clerical. Thanks for all the great posts and material on the site. I have a question about the resume formatting. Since i graduated from college 2 years ago, I have been working in Corporate finance in a 2 year rotational financial leadership program.

The way this is structured is that I rotate to a new role every 6 months so that by the end of two years the candidate has great diverse experiences. Now that I am nearing the end of my program I am considering going into investment banking. How do I list these 6 month rotations in the resume? My issue mostly related to space in the page as I have several other experiences and activities to add as well.

Which of these would be more relevant to IB, in your opinion? They were standard corporate finance roles. Managing the business from a financial perspective. They all had a ton to learn so its tough to choose? Maybe you can help me? Any chance you can give me a few names I can call to get some interviews? There is at least a bottle of Blue Label or something equally good or better in it for you if it works out! Yes in the US you do not list your birth date on the resume. Would you insert your date of Birth into your resume?

Same for any references from previous work experience. If yes, where? I am a third year Commerce student wondering whether I should include a Teaching Assistant position on my resume. The course is not finance related Intro to Managing People — basically an organizational behaviour course but I feel like it demonstrates accountability, responsibility, leadership, initiative, etc… Do you think I should include it?

There is no way to stand out or distinguish oneself now and everything resume looks the same. I was using this template way since but now EVERY single kid, student, recent grads, and their mothers has this format. Thanks again for the post. Does that look a little repetitive? Also I forgot to mention that I paid for three day seminar sessions for off campus Finance training programs. In these sessions I learned the basics of financial modeling and tips in the business.

Similar to Wall Street Prep, these programs are basically offered to corporate professionals and to university students to refine their skills. Depends whether you had specific projects or not… if yes, list those specific projects, otherwise just use task-based bullets. Just list the month and year for the program. Thanks for the post. I am wondering whether research experience, and activity such as federal reserve challenge competition could be listed under work and leadership experience?

Should I list them both or just the one I am graduating from? Thanks, and thanks for the very informative article. I would just list October … if they ask you can say that it was a 1-day competition but took planning and strategy beforehand.

Also, is it a wise career to stay in considering the amount of working hours? Read the rest of this site for the second question. Any help you can lend will be most appreciated. Under the Work and Leadership Experience section, I have a club that I listed only starting out in college. Do I format that like so:. Club Name bold Position 1 italicize — — Position 2 italicize — —. Also, would it be acceptable to use this template for other jobs or is this primarily just for IB? I m undergraduate student ill try to get an internship this summer, however i dont have any related work experience I did much sports and have lots of achievments is there any way to express my cv through the sport what other things should I include?

My overall GPA will be a 3. Attempted Bachelor in Medicine? Medical Intern? Lost here. I gathered a decent amount of leadership experience and have an above 3. Just include 1 or 2 lines in Education under your current entry and say that you made progressed toward a medical degree but did not actually complete it. Progress toward [Degree Name] or something like that is fine.

In my case, I screwed up badly with a 2. X GPA during my freshman year, but improved significantly with an average of 3. How should I present this in the resume? Hey, your website has given me a lot of insight. The competition for this is not particularly fierce but I know that it is very important for me to get this internship.

However, I have no real work experience whatsoever. I did an internship at a small IT company overseas last summer, had an on campus job, and tutored some kids back in high school. I wonder how I can polish up my resume with so little to say. My only shot at improving my resume is to actually get this internship so I can have something to put on my resume later on. What would you suggest for me to put on my resume and what to leave out?

Most of the time they check it right before you start working so they expect GPA to change somewhat. I am currently a Finance student at UBC. My GPA was really high before I got into my major. After I got into my major, I focused a lot more on other extracurricular activities i. I have been pretty successful in most of the those activities, but my GPA has dropped to 2.

I was wondering if i should still mention my GPA in my resume. No, you need to leave in overall GPA somewhere. Should I include this in the resume? Equally would Toastmasters membership be seen as irrelevant? Would it be advisable not to mention amateur boxing under interests, or would it come under the category of quirky hobbies which are likely to get me remembered?

Thanks so much. Do you reckon its important that we explicitly write the skills we acquired in the work experience entry? For instance, interned in IBD, analysed xx and so forth. Result: raised this amount of xx, boosted my confidence and sociability…?? I have now finished my ibanking internship in Asia and is trying to update my resume to include this experience. I am just wondering if you can give me an example on how I can make what I have here sound nicer?

Thanks for all the great advice. I was wondering about adding a reference to your resume. I got a reference from a CEO of major company whom I have worked for. Can I add it? And if so, should I make an additional header? You could list it at the bottom. Say, if I come from one of the few western-european countries that still have mandatory military service for young men, do you think I should mention my 8-month experience as an observer in a tank artillery bataillion on my resume?

Thanks for your articles and your replies, they helped a lot to demystify the IB recruiting process for me. Would that be given more consideration as compared to listing a sales rep job? For positions that you currently occupy, should you use present tense for the bulletpoints? Or should everything be kept to one tense? If I can speak almost at a conversational level in a language, what level of proficiency should I write it as on my resume?

Or should I not even bother putting it on my resume at all? What would you say is the minimum font size we should be using on our resume in case there is a lot that we want to put on it. First of all thanks for all the useful info you are giving! Yes banks value that but you need to be good enough to write page financial reports perfectly in that language, I would still keep it to 1 line. Great Site! How should I note that in my resume? Additionally Ive been in automotive sales for about two and half years now and I come across many investment banking executives.

They all tell me that sales is a great place to start my career. I graduated college with a B. I really have no experience in Investment Banking. I deal with banks in order to qualify people for car loans but its more retail banking than any thing else. Also I was told to mention gross profit on my resume because its something that would catch they eyes of potential employers. What do you think? Put it under activities.

I am an undergrad applying for FT positions, a few Qs: 1. Does the same apply for PE firms as well? I took a look at your website and the sample resume and compared it to my own, I want to make a few changes. Reviewed projects in Primavera to ensure project statuses were current and accurate.

Description : Responsible for providing input to Project Specialist PS during requirements development. Identitied requirements, performing analysis, design, packaging, coding, documentation testing for assigned project.

Identified drivers needed by automated build process for new workstation and server equipment added to the inventory. Reviewed vulnerability scans of the CTS End User environment provided by the Operations Security Branch and makes recommendations for corrective actions. Customized existing agency developed and COTS windows installer packages through the use of direct edits, transforms and patches that adhere to CTS packaging standards. Supported Project Operations Division, provided data entry support to Asset Management team for Directorate of National Intelligence IT hardware inventory for to be completed by the end of January Monitored daily customer requests supported by Requirements team and operation responses to ensure that customer requests have been processed and completed to meet needs of customers.

Capturing business requirements to executed and managed. Identified and improve processes where it is needed in DVSD and provided other administrative duties to ensure continuous operations. Description : Shayba Arena" data network for one of stadiums for Sochi Olympics. Video surveillance and building management networks integration, special security requirements. Data network, video-analytics systems. Cisco based data network, NICE based video analytics. Principal Engineer Network project design and deployment for enterprise, campus networks, telcos and government customers.

Skills : Microsoft Windows Server. Description : Responsible for 9 Navy Master Data interfaces with various 3rd party systems. Responsible for all documentation, testing, developer requirements. Responsible for all user contact on requirements test results. Changes were made to 9 different interface areas covering approximately 60 different interface extracts. Works as the liaison between the end user and the developer. System Integrator III Resume Objective : An accomplished IT professional specializing in highly visible software application design with in-depth background in full cycle of software design process.

Description : Provided technical knowledge customers in most effective and efficient approach, usually high volume, provide workarounds or established procedures to correct discrepancies diverse environments. Monitored multi critical Information Systems, IT infrastructure [including data centers, facilities] for deficiencies, provide accurate and concise reports to brief customers stakeholders.

Responsible for providing excellent customer service, efficiently accurately, reinforcing expectation of customer. Delivered positive customer requests experience. Reported incidents, problems customer service request in various locations. Assisted management to review service request determine service escalation required. Participated in the IT Operational Board meetings to brief customers and stakeholders of any unplanned system outages or scheduled system maintenance status and resolutions.

Provided recommendations to improve operational services, standards operational procedures, and proactive in problem detection, research and resolution. System Integrator II Resume Objective : Educated in electrical engineering, digital and analog systems, object modeling Experienced at rapidly learning new platforms new programming languages.

Description : Executed change management, compliance, resolution management as part of functional requirement handling. Planned and co-managed BPM training, deploy e-commerce system-related end-user training, develop end-user training documents. Served as main contact, decision maker, escalation point for client, worldwide teams of up to 50 personnel in 6 geographic locations North America, Europe, South America , other end customers.

Expertly redesigned governance and change management structure as part of constant effort to enhance and improve e-commerce front- and back-end system. Description : Performed preventive maintenance tasks, Install, program, or repair automated machinery equipment.

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