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Investeer Rivian

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investeer Rivian

Investeer in de aandelen van enkele van de grootste bedrijven in de VS, het VK, Frankrijk en Duitsland. AAPL.O. •% Rivian Automotive Inc. You gave me 5 stocks to research. Here are the summaries. Now give me 5 more. Sofi, BTI, XOM, rivian and micron. to announce plans to open an EV factory in Georgia, the same state where Rivian is preparing to break ground on its controversial plant. FOREX TRADING ONLINE TODAY Windows' revamped phone of the Pi alerts on critical. Retrieved December 5, model years until and automatic-ride-control adjustable. Posted February 25, NOT supported, user. Years - now set by Google others like creating images into different expensive video editing.

The diamonds I use are carefully selected for the highest quality and colour. When designing her creations, Celine resolutely opts for colour. In this process, top quality colour stones and durability are top of the list. It is a quest that often takes her to the farthest corners of the world. Her most beautiful tourmalines, for example, come from Mozambique, her rarest sapphires from Sri Lanka.

Too often people think that coloured gemstones are inferior, when that is not true at all. The most beautiful specimens are much rarer and more precious than diamonds. It is true that you sometimes have to search longer for the best quality. I can sometimes spend months looking for the right stone for a piece of jewellery. My suppliers know that I am very demanding. I only want to provide my customers with the very best and rarest specimens.

Once the stones are found, it takes about four weeks to finish the jewel. The process of designing, selecting the stones, melting the gold, When a piece is finished, it is exactly like the birth of a baby, I experience every time again a feeling of intense happiness. Celine gets the greatest satisfaction from personalised custom work. I made a necklace in the shape of a tree of life, each leaf symbolising one of their children and grandchildren, topped with a very beautiful pear-shaped ruby.

The lady in question was in tears when she received this special gift. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a highly qualified team of Belgian and Italian craftsmen such as goldsmiths, jewellery setters and 3D designers. Each team member has his or her own speciality that fits perfectly with what I want to achieve.

I have been working with the same team for over 15 years, they know me well and know that only the best finish is good enough for me and my customers. The brand name is inspired by the rare and golden beetle - Chrysina resplendens - that lives in Costa Rica. The beetle is an ancient talisman that offers the wearer luck, wisdom, respect and protection. Each lucky beetle is designed by Celine and has its own name and meaning.

These perfectly wearable works of art are set with selected gemstones such as tsavorite, royal purple garnet, indigolite, aquamarine, mandarin garnet or tourmaline. They are handmade in the workshops of Valenza, Italy, where Celine did her internship more than 20 years ago. Van kunst genieten is voor iedereen een aparte, persoonlijke ervaring. Elke kunstenaar straalt door zijn werk een welbepaalde energie uit en die wordt geprojecteerd op de bezoeker.

Kunst moet uit het hart komen en bij de liefhebber een warm gevoel oproepen. Official Retailer of exclusive watch brands. It is always a pleasure to meet and greet during events or to see other Club events taking place. A stunning pictures debriefing came out from Tesla Owners Club in Italy with a great lineup of Tesla!

We reached out to Federico Lagni to get his insights on that Amazing day. Hi everybody! First of all, many thanks Tesla Owners Club Belgium for this invite! I am Federico Lagni. Literally I started the tesla world in Italy, bringing here what was happening in the United States in those years, telling to the Italians the Revolution of the electric mobility to which nobody, absolutely nobody, believed in those years Currently we have members, both Enthusiast and Owners members.

We have a Board of 9 persons, from various parts of Italy. You can learn more about us at www. Are you driving an EV? Since when? How many kilometers driven? What is your experience so far? Any anecdotes? I growed up with bread and computers so I was attracted to some great people who were part of the hitech industry including Elon, thanks to his project with Pay Pal.

When he started to talk about cars… I have been impressed from what he wanted to do. What he said met my sensitivity to the environment and the interest in the transition to clean energy. So I started to follow him an all started in this way. In , I had the pleasure to take a picture with Elon during the Milan Store opening. Can you tell us more about the Autodrome Event? How was the project born? What was the agenda? How many drivers did you have?

Over cars? Which cars were the most represented? Regarding the event in Autodrome, every year we organize the Tesla Club Italy Revolution, our national conference all dedicated to electric mobility and the topics related with important experts as speakers. So We have been obliged to celebrate the 11th birthday and not the 10th.

Not a true problem. When we opened the tickets we sold out cars in 40 hours. Then, in the following weeks we opened to cars according to the evolution of the pandemic situation, totaling participants. I still remember perfectly the face of Porsche owners present at the autodromo in quel giorno. A scenographic impact never seen.

We also had Tesla from other European countries, including Germany and even Belgium!! Have a great Summer. In fact, Tesla as a company has overcome quite a few obstacles to get where it stands today as the most valuable automaker by market cap. Tesla Inc. Regardless, Ian Wright joined Tesla shortly thereafter, and the three original employees were off to the races in search of funding.

In , cofounder Martin Eberhard was asked to step down as CEO by the board of directors, and by early , neither Eberhard nor Tarpenning was still at Tesla. As a result, Musk joined the company as chairman of the board. Straubel, now of QuantumScape fame, joined Tesla in May as employee 5.

As a result of the first of many controversies surrounding the company, a lawsuit settlement allows all five of the original employees to call themselves co-founders. The Tesla Roadster hit production in as the original electric vehicle to debut for the American automaker. It helped show that EVs could be carbon conscious and cool, helping pave the way for Tesla to develop and sell more practical and efficient vehicles.

This included several additional rounds, each garnering tens of millions of dollars. Musk openly discussed the company strategy of creating a sleek and stylish sports car to attract early adopters and their wallets before expanding production to more practical and affordable EVs with the cash flow to scale. Although it was a niche vehicle from a relatively unknown automaker at the time, The Roadster emerged as the first highway legal serial production BEV to use lithium-ion batteries. It was also the first fully-electric production vehicle to travel over miles on a single charge.

Tesla ended up selling close to 2, first-generation Roadsters over the course of the four years it was in production. Tesla started to gain steam in when it purchased what would become its Fremont Factory to begin production on two new EVs. Tesla continues to sell many of the two newly introduced EVs compared to the original S and X models, although both have seen a significant refresh this year.

After discontinuing The Roadster in early , Tesla began production on its Model S sedan the following summer. Profits from previous EV models and new energy ventures allowed Tesla to scale and produce its Model 3 sedan, a mass-market EV that remains the most affordable option in the company fleet. Production issues plagued the entire production process on the Model 3, but Tesla was eventually able to deliver at a reasonable price, making it one of the best-selling EVs of all time in its short tenure.

For now, Tesla continues to expand its global production presence with two new Gigafactories on the way, along with three additional vehicles. This includes Cybertruck, the Tesla Semi, and a 2nd generation Roadster. We will get deeper into those models a little later. In terms of sedans, Tesla has its veteran Model S and more consumer-friendly Model 3. Below is a breakdown of each vehicle in greater detail. It made its official debut in after years as a prototype for the automaker.

Since then, the sporty EV has reigned as the best-selling plug-in electric in both and The current Long Range trim can travel miles on a single charge, hit a top speed of mph, and tear from mph in 3. Those plans have since changed, however. For those. While the Model X was originally unveiled in , its first deliveries were not until the fall of due to production delays, particularly on its distinct Falcon Wing doors.

Shortly thereafter, the Model X quickly ranked as one of the top-selling plug-in EVs worldwide, although sales have since staggered a bit following the release of the less expensive Model 3 and Model Y. That was until early this year when Tesla finally confirmed a refresh was, in fact, coming. The dual-motor Model X Long Range can travel miles on a single charge a slight downgrade of 11 miles from the previous Long Range Plus.

That being said, it can still hit a top speed of mph, and its mph acceleration of 3. This version can travel an EPA estimated miles, reach a top speed of mph, and go mph in 2. Truthfully, this feels more like a rebranding than. Bij LUX kom je thuis aan het water, op een boogscheut van het stadscentrum en in alle rust. Het aanbod varieert van parkappartementen met 1, 2 of 3 slaapkamers tot ruime schakelwoningen en gezellige maisonnettes, alle met uitzicht op de stad of het groen.

Plaid loses one mile of estimated range in exchange for. The top speed of mph remains the same. Those interested in the refreshed Model X will have to continue to wait, however, as the delivery times have been continually pushed throughout In fact, these models were originally scheduled to arrive in April of , but both trims are now listed to deliver in January or February of Since then, it has cruised comfortably in the fast lane of sales.

Last November, however, Tesla quietly removed this option during a refresh for its model. The most affordable trim, the Standard Range Plus, travels an EPA estimated miles, has a top speed of mph, and can travel mph in 5. Moving up the ladder to the Long Range trim, this version can travel miles per charge and has a top speed of mph.

Furthermore, its time is 4. The Performance Model 3, on the other hand, sheds 38 miles of range compared to the Long Range miles in favor of speed. This trim tops out at mph and can dart mph in just 3. After beginning deliveries to customers in March of , the Model Y remains the newborn in the Tesla family but has still managed to make a significant splash in sales during its short tenure on the EV market.

That being said, it did recently receive its official EPA rating as one of the most efficient EVs in the world. The current Long Range trim boasts an EPA estimated range of miles, can reach a top speed of mph, and can accelerate from mph in 4. Its Performance trim can travel miles on a single charge, tops out at mph, and can do in 3.

The EV also houses 68 cubic feet of cargo space. This trim can travel mph in under 4. Did we mention it has three motors? Cybertruck is also only the second major Tesla vehicle outside the mainline S, 3, X, Y lineup, second only to the aforementioned 1st generation Roadster. Cybertruck was unveiled in November of via a glass-shattering Tesla reveal, showcasing unique design and performance.

The exterior is comprised of an exoskeleton of 30x cold-rolled stainless-steel structural skin and Tesla armored glass for its windows. Updates on the Cybertruck were somewhat slow-moving after the unveiling — a solar roof option will offer an additional 15 miles of range each day, and a matte black exterior has also been confirmed.

Regardless, the hype is real; Tesla tallied over , pre-orders in the first week. By February , they were at half a million. Eclecticisme blijft in stijl; ook onder mensen. Belgische brillencollectie met een inspirerende boodschap. En dus maakte Bose het Lifestyle entertainment system mooi in elk aspect.

Het meest compromisloze homecinemasysteem met 5 luidsprekers dat we ooit hebben ontwikkeld voor films en muziek. However, many are skeptical the company will hit this target, especially since construction on Giga Texas, which will produce these EVs, is not even complete yet. Check out our Cybertruck guide for all the latest details in one place.

After its unveiling, the Semi was scheduled to arrive on roads in before being pushed to low-volume production in During a Q1 results call, Tesla again shifted its delivery window to Furthermore, the company plans to deliver 15 Semis to PepsiCo later this year. Next, Tesla will move its Semi production to Austin when its Gigfactory Texas is complete later this.

Tesla Semi remains in the prototype stage, although those recently spotted appear to be updated versions of the original prototypes. When the revamped Roadster was first unveiled in , Musk said it would deliver in … then Most recently, he admitted another Roadster delay to , so Tesla could focus on the Cybertruck. Whenever it does deliver, it is sure to turn heads. Currently, Tesla has three operational facilities in addition to its original Fremont Factory in California, with two more on the way.

Additionally, rumors are perpetually circulating about where Tesla might break ground next, including an additional factory in China or expansion to other parts of Asia like Japan, Korea, or possibly India. With advancements in autonomous driving technologies, Tesla is maybe?

To that note, Musk recently said on a quarterly sales call that Tesla is becoming more of an AI and robotics company too. FSD has been a carrot constantly dangled in front of Tesla fans since , when the company first mentioned its Autopilot feature and potential capabilities.

By the end of , Tesla was confident it would be able to demonstrate full autonomy a year later. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In fact, we still have seen hard evidence of full self-driving capabilities, although Tesla did roll out a beta version of the software to a select group in October of That being said, its solar rollout has been a bit haphazard.

Since then, Tesla has had issues bringing the solar panels to volume production and deployment, as it tried to test the longevity and make the installation quicker. Last year, Tesla finally began to accelerate solar deployment, but the public has only seen one version of the tiles being installed on customer roofs so far, even though it was originally listed in four different styles. Many paying customers are still awaiting installation of their solar roofs, too.

Furthermore, Tesla has caught the ire of some customers as a result of price hikes and changes to policy, which now involves its Powerwall, too. The Powerwall is designed for home energy storage by storing electricity for solar self-consumption, time of use load shifting, and as a source of backup power.

The larger Powerpack is specifically intended for commercial or electric utility grid use. Tesla recently revealed a Powerwall 2 Plus went into production last November, leading to increases in capacity. So far, we have seen. The Supercharger network was introduced in September , beginning with six Supercharger stations.

Since then, the Supercharger network has grown to over 20, stalls worldwide within over 2, stations or hubs. This includes. Tesla recently passed 1, Supercharger stations in North America alone. The average station usually features about 10 Supercharger stalls, but some stations offer many more. Currently, Tesla is working through permitting for a stall station on the west side of Los Angeles that could easily make it the largest in North America.

For more information, visit our comprehensive Tesla Supercharger guide. Design development and craftsmanship transform concepts and ideas into a high-quality, wearable pieces of precious fire enamel jewellery. The Austrian, Viennese artist Michaela Frey founded the fire enamel company in All designs are protected by copyright trademark for 70 years after their launch.

These also include jewellery designs which were completely developed by the in-house team of designers. With more than 15 years experience and over 5, satisfied customers, Prosecurity is the partner of choice for high-end security for your home or company. Why choose Prosecurity? We provide expert advice, custom solutions for every project and superior-quality equipment.

All our security systems come with the latest, most reliable technology and are created with an eye for design and ease of use. All this plus around-the-clock personal support by our dedicated team will allow you to sleep soundly knowing your property is in safe hands. Het voor onze klanten selecteren van de mooiste plekjes in Oostenrijk is waar we in gespecialiseerd zijn.

Wij gaan voor locaties waar we zelf in geloven, in bekende en nog minder bekende dorpen; met vele partners waar we inmiddels jaren prima mee samenwerken. Dat geeft rust en zekerheid. Onze dienstverlening ter plaatste ontzorgt en brengt geen extra kosten met zich mee.

Tot slot zijn wij als enige aanbieder in Oostenrijk Mondi Approved: een grote extra zekerheid voor u! But never grown up. Nu ook als RT-variant Met zijn slaapdak bied de camper nog meer vrijheid en toch meer ruimte voor avonturiers. Your adventure starts now! There are different themes from the ancient classical worlds of Egypt, Rome and Greece. Vincent van Gogh. The most recent collection is dedicated to the highly respected Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp, one of the founding members of Dadaism.

These artistic homages are new designs in their own right, inspired by the works of master painters. Bovendien is er een algemene consensus dat PropTech essentieel is in de zoektocht naar een antwoord op het klimaatvraagstuk. Alleen staat de klassieke bouwwereld op vandaag te weinig open voor innovaties.

Hoe zie je de rol van jouw bedrijf in deze nieuwe evolutie? Vandaag zien we dat steeds meer innovatieve ontwikkelaars gebouwen in eigendom houden en ze ook zelf beheren. Wij zien dat de vastgoedsector in beweging is: daar waar vroeger gefocust werd op proces-automatisering, facility management, onderhoud, schoonmaak,… zien we nu een omslag naar data.

Met die data worden niet alleen digitale bruggen gebouwd tussen de vastgoedwereld, architecten en bouwbedrijven, maar ook tussen property managers, werkplekbeheerders en bijvoorbeeld energiebeheerders. Inderdaad, volgens mij is de vastgoedsector relatief traditioneel omdat die zeer versnipperd is. Daarin bestaan mooie initiatieven. Even terug naar Davy.

Zie je deze ontwikkeling als een duurzame blijver of eerder als een tendens die gedoemd is om te verdwijnen? Als we naar de mening van Arne vragen: komt de grootste concurrentie op de vastgoedmarkt nog steeds van kleine, snelgroeiende vastgoedspelers?

Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat technologie binnen tien jaar het nieuwe normaal is, ook in de bouw- en vastgoedsector. Getuige daarvan is het feit dat ook de grootste technologiespelers zoals Google, Amazon en Apple daar op vandaag volop mee bezig zijn. Deze bedrijven lanceren momenteel tal van initiatieven in de vastgoedsector en kopen bedrijven op die de juiste technologie in huis hebben.

Op vandaag bouwt Google in Canada volledige dorpen waar mensen aan een verlaagd huurtarief kunnen wonen op voorwaarde dat ze ermee akkoord gaan dat het huis vol sensoren hangt. Die sensoren leveren data - en dus geld op voor Google want die data kunnen opnieuw verkocht worden aan producenten, leveranciers, ingenieurs, bureaus et cetera.

Zo heeft ook Amazon recent een grote investering gedaan in Amerika, waarbij mensen gewoon online een prefab-woning kunnen configureren. De woning wordt in de fabriek gemaakt en een maand later worden de modules geleverd en is de nieuwe woning op bijzonder korte termijn afgewerkt. Ik ben er echt van overtuigd dat dit de toekomst is en dat traditionele spelers die zich niet aanpassen gewoon weggeconcurreerd zullen worden.

Nee, die komt duidelijk vanuit de technologie. Als de klassieke vastgoedwereld niet richting technologie opschuift, dan komt de technologie richting de vastgoedwereld. Daar moeten we ons echt bewust van zijn. En wat denk jij, Steven? Zie je nog andere spelers de vastgoedwereld betreden? Volgens mij kunnen we binnenkort bijvoorbeeld energiebeheerders verwachten in de vastgoedsector.

Ik ga ervan uit dat we binnen een paar jaar op een andere manier zullen verwarmen. Of dan kan de energiebeheerder beslissen om het vermogen van de laadpaal voor elektrische wagens van naar 60 watt te brengen om zo minder energie te verbruiken. Dit heeft geen invloed op de rijprestaties van de wagen en drukt tegelijkertijd het verbruik, en dus de kost, van energie. Dit zijn innovatieve incentive modellen waardoor spelers die voorheen niet in vastgoed zaten, nu toch in deze wereld kunnen terechtkomen.

Ik ga ervan uit van wel. Now, small, and medium sized companies can also benefit from their network. Palace and 5 star hotels choose Dumas Paris for the comfort and quality of their pillows, quilts and mattress toppers. Now you too can enjoy the same quality of sleep as in a luxury hotel, in your own home. Dumas Paris has been recognised for quality of its hand-made feather bedding for 5 generations. Thanks to the transmission of expertise over a century, Dumas Paris has been officially recognised by the French government as a Living Heritage Brand EPV , a badge that distinguishes French companies for their traditional craftsmanship and expertise.

Our fur business was very successful until just after the Second World War, when the fashion market started to move away from fur. Many of these products were sourced from the same Burgundy farms we used when we were trading rabbit fur. When my grandfather took over Dumas Paris, in the early s, he created his own factory to use these feathers and duvets to make our own feather pillows.

The story of the Dumas family entreprise began in Paris, in We enlarged the premises and this allowed us to have a bigger stock of products and more production lines. The s saw more transformations, when bedding styles started to change. We added feather and duvet quilts to our product range. That meant we were able to replace traditional blankets with a solution for better temperature control in bedding.

Super-comfortable mattress toppers in feather, duvet and synthetic versions then followed. The most rare of these materials is eider down, which is collected by hand from nests and can fetch up to euros le kilo at market prices. We are proud of our craftsmen and their skills. Most of our manufacturing steps are still carried out by hand, as is our entire quality control. All animals are raised for their meat, not just for their feathers. Dumas is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

The company involves clients in this initiative, offering each client the opportunity to donate to a reforestation project in the Peruvian Amazon. So far over 31, trees have planted as part of the Dumas programme. We provide them with made-to-measure products and the benefit of our expertise in bedding gained over generations.

We also work with interior designers and. Our aim is to always to listen to our clients and for us, every client is different. If you visit our website you can reserve a meeting with one of our consultants for advice on your bedding requirements. Discover A day out, a memory made, a beautiful thing bought at Maasmechelen Village. Enjoy complimentary parking and a host of special services, from digital queuing to virtual shopping.

Today, this recently totally renovated boutique hotel boasts rooms spread over 4 blocks, conference facilities, top restaurants, pools and two beautiful gardens. Not forgetting the most important feature of all: a guest is far more than just someone who stays for a while. The only issue now is that the hotel is a lot bigger these days and that it keeps on growing.

Thus, the need of also training the staff. This story of family is very important to us, it is no coincidence we pride ourselves of being a boutique hotel, as this is a place where the customer always comes first. In recent years, the Fairway hotel underwent a number radical changes. Just before the first outbreak of the pandemic, around 20 rooms had been completely renovated, all of this fitting in with a master plan to expand and exploring new opportunities. Here, we go about things differently.

Our staff is trained to engage with customers, to provide them with the feeling we want to convey: this is his or her home away from home. For example: a staff member sees someone stopping to look at a plant in one of our gardens.

In that case, he or she will approach the guest to explain what this man or woman is looking at. Our staff must be able to interact with our customers, just like for the management everything starts with caring for our own people. This way of going about is far from new for the Fairway.

We implemented a new policy right away, involving cutting cost and rethinking the way in which we worked. In doing this, we went about our business totally different than most other hotels. We, on the contrary, went off the grid, installing things such as solar panels and creating a little farm where we produce some of our vegetables, herbs and spices. Our staff stayed on board and was given other opportunities.

Such as a number of former waiters becoming builders. First, pools and conference rooms were built and almost at the same time, we transformed this place into an oasis of plants, added birds and built beautiful fountains in the back and front. Kampala was mainly about business and not so much about tourism. What we try to do is create a far better balance on an ideal location.

In order to give our guests everything they need, we go a lot further than other hotels. Such as the creation of our own shopping area on the hotel grounds, the opening of a new restaurant around our swimming pool, a coffee shop, a spa, a bar, a gym, etcetera… Does this mean we are not focussing on the business. Far from it, I think our seven conference rooms and our meeting facilities speak for themselves. With the following difference: even our business guest needs this feeling of home away from home and is provided with it.

In de gezellige wijk Het Zuid, in de schaduw van het historische Zuiderpershuis, verrijst The Gallery. Deze hoogstaande ontwikkeling bestaat uit 21 appartementen en 2 kantoren die volop inzetten op klassevolle luxe. In dit topontwerp van Binst Architects geniet u van fenomenale uitzichten, riante terrassen, ruime parkeerplaatsen en tal van andere troeven.

Ook de ligging van The Gallery is er een om u tegen te zeggen. De verkeersluwe Leuvenstraat ligt wondermooi tussen de heraangelegde Scheldekaaien en het nieuwe park Dok Zuid aan de Waalsekaai. Grijp nu uw kans want dit is het laatste nieuwbouwproject in deze buurt! Ontdek het project op www. Exclusieve verkoop door makelaarskantoor De Meester Jordaenskaai 21 Antwerpen 03 06 36 www.

Fiets-Gigant, Begijnenstraat te Sint-Niklaas. Bakoppervlaktes van 60x60cm, 80x60cm en 80x80cm. Uniek assortiment door ons vakkundig voor u geselecteerd. One is a more traditional one with continental and normal local food, while the other is called an Asian fusion restaurant.

Asian food in Uganda? That needs some explaining. Over the years, the demands for food became more and more diverse and the menu expanded. When I arrived in , it was immediately clear how much potential there was and over the years we found a niche with a taste for Asian and Indian food. We developed a true fusion kitchen. For example: have you ever tasted crispy casava? What do people want when they travel to Africa? One of the first things you can expect is that they want to experience the local culture, while they also get the chance to enjoy what they know.

Things like that are not what you will experience in hotel chains such as the Hilton of the Marriott. In doing so, we also support the local people and make things better for those immediately around us. The return of the Jaffer family to Uganda in saw the hotel evolve to a rooms boutique hotel. The Fairway strives to always aim at excellence by staying innovative, providing a comfortable home for the guests and supporting the local communities. Instead, it would simply recognize the owner and open the door.

He also said that the Tesla team was planning to retain the same design as the one that was displayed during its launch. Musk had said the glass windows could withstand bullets from a 9mm handgun. Musk, not one to shy away from free publicity, touted the numbers at public events and on Twitter.

But his mood on Thursday was more cautious. With a Even as Tesla is gearing up to manufacture its truck, other car companies are already snapping at its heels. Ford plans to launch all-electric versions of its pickups by Fall It plans to make an all-electric version of the F, its best-selling gasoline-powered truck, to be released in Fall But that is not a source of worry for Musk.

Compete with thousands of Investopedia traders and trade your way to the top! Submit trades in a virtual environment before you start risking your own money. According to sales data from Motor Intelligence, pickup trucks constituted The market. Een trots verleden van jaar toekomstgericht denken. Duitse veiligheidstechnologie, sinds De toekomst is een weg om te ontdekken.

Het staat nog steeds en zal altijd staan voor het verkennen van de toekomstige paden van zijn klanten en consumenten. Want samen zijn we klaar om de uitdagingen van morgen aan te gaan en de toekomst vorm te geven.

Unique outdoor moments at home With a Renson canopy, you can enjoy outdoor living all year long. The unique combination of design, quality and ultimate comfort. Thanks to unlimited possibilities for personalisation, you can create your own unique outdoor room With the help of funding from the European Investment Bank, Northvolt is increasing its production capacity.

It is also moving into the arena of batteries for electric cars, as part of joint ventures with several European car manufacturers. Text : Joanna Pays, Pictures credit : Northvolt Although electric vehicle production is continuing to rise, many car manufacturers — including European-based ones — are still having to rely on batteries imported from Asia. Northvolt has put into place collaboration deals with European manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW and most recently Volvo, to improve this situation.

Lowering the price of batteries — and the carbon footprint from manufacturing and shipping batteries — is now within sight. Circulating the valuable metals contained in batteries back into manufacturing not only reduces the needs for mining raw materials, it also lowers the environmental impact of batteries and drives down battery costs.

These factors are key priorities in helping to promote the transition to driving electric. These solutions will be specifically developed for Volvo and Polestar cars. The venture also includes a European Gigafactory, scheduled to open in Capacity in this additional factory is expected to be 50 gigawatt hours a year.

As a reminder, Volvo has stated that by it will be producing only electric cars. By working with Northvolt, Volvo will be able to greatly reduce its environmental footprint linked to battery sourcing and production. The first car to use batteries from the new joint venture is expected to be the all-electric successor of the Volvo XC60 model. No less than Kilometers!

We were very pleased to see Community once again embracing the call for a road trip, in good company and in scenic Belgium. We reached out to Peter Ghyselincks to have his insights and impressions. Hi Peter, can you introduce yourself? I am a graduate of Electronics, and after a year career as a quality engineer found my way into software development. Besides the professional part, I have always been interested in video and photography. My education in Electricity can certainly not be missed in this context.

What is your connection with the EV World? Supercharged Do you drive an electric car? How many kilometres so far? What is your experience? Throughout my career I have driven many kilometres. In the early years, these were driven in private vehicles. Later, they became company cars. Because of the many kilometres you drive, you are also aware of the cost of your journeys, which has resulted in more privately owned cars running on LPG than on petrol or diesel.

Four years ago, another private vehicle had to be replaced, but the demands you make on a vehicle also increase with the more and more kilometres you have done :. The Vivaldi browser is built around flexibility and features a built-in ad blocker, privacy-friendly translation tool, notes function, tracking protection and encrypted sync functionality. Our technological and sustainability ambitions are well aligned.

Like Polestar, we are a challenger brand, and we take a Scandinavian approach to design, that is based on trust and listening to our users. Polestar increased its global presence from 10 to 19 markets in , with growth in Europe and Asia Pacific. By the end of , Polestar aims to be operating in at least 30 global markets. Thanks to the relentless dedication of Polestar employees across the globe, we are progressing with confidence towards our proposed public listing.

Our order intake is strong and we are looking forward to further growth in our sales volume again in In addition to the openings of inner-city Polestar Spaces, the company debuted its new, larger, out-of-town Polestar Destinations.

In , Polestar also announced its plans to launch three new cars in the coming three years. Polestar 3, a premium electric performance SUV, is set to launch in and will be the first Polestar to be built in the US. Polestar 3 will benefit from advanced technologies from Luminar, Nvidia and Zenseact that will provide cutting-edge unsupervised autonomous driving functionality. About Polestar Polestar was established as a new, standalone Swedish premium electric vehicle manufacturer in Founded by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding, Polestar enjoys specific technological and engineering synergies with Volvo Cars and benefits from significant economies of scale as a result.

Polestar is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and its vehicles are currently available and on the road in markets across Europe, North America, China and Asia Pacific. By , the company plans to be present in 30 global markets. Polestar cars are currently manufactured in two facilities in China, with additional future manufacturing planned in the USA. In September , Polestar announced its intention to list as a public company on the Nasdaq in a business combination agreement with Gores Guggenheim, Inc.

Full information on this definitive agreement can be found here. Polestar has produced two electric performance cars. The Polestar 1 was built between and as a low-volume electric performance hybrid GT with a carbon fiber body, hp, 1, Nm and an electric-only range of km WLTP — the longest of any hybrid car in the world.

Polestar 4 is expected to follow in , a smaller electric performance SUV coupe. As the company seeks to reduce its climate impact with every new model, Polestar aims to produce a truly climate-neutral car by About Gores Guggenheim, Inc. Gores Guggenheim, Inc. Gores Guggenheim completed its initial public offering in April , raising approximately USD million in cash proceeds for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses.

Interessante theorie is, dat Polestar minder last zou kunnen hebben van de Chinese bureaucratie die nu speelt, waar b. The business combination is set to close during the first quarter of this year. A close up of a Polestar vehicle in front of a company sign. The Swedish electric vehicle EV manufacturer delivered 29, vehicles globally, satisfying its sales target.

So, what else should investors know about this exciting EV company? Here are six things to have on your radar. The company highlighted growth in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region as well. The EV manufacturer expects to operate in at least 30 global markets by the end of The Polestar 4 is slated to launch in and expected to be an SUV coupe. On the date of publication, Eddie Pan did not hold either directly or indirectly any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the InvestorPlace. Dat speelt zeker een rol, en vergeet niet dat ze een heel mooi netwerk van volvo mogen gebruiken. In mijn beleving zit hier onder andere de kracht van snelheid, expertise en expansie. De juiste mensen op de juiste plaats met de netwerken om zaken groot maar gedegen aan te pakken. Ja, natuurlijk, allemaal meningen en misschien opwinding, maar een van de vele berichten op internet.

Furthermore, the company hit its targets for geographic expansion, growing in Asia Pacific and Europe, and moving from 10 to 19 markets in It is also on track to reach its goal of 30 global markets by end-of-year Its proposed combination with Polestar was announced in September Polestar has gone from high-octane racing specialist to maker of premium Electric Vehicles EVs in less than a decade. Emme Hall Jan.

PT www. Polestar 2 electric car crosses the Nullabor with innovative fast charger Volvo's electric car spin-off Polestar has used its new Polestar 2 sedan to cross Australia's expansive Nullabor Plain, thanks to a new fast charging station powered by leftover cooking oil. Z- Korea! Swedish EV firm launches Polestar 2 in S.

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