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Brain teaser investment banking

brain teaser investment banking

The OP shared some common questions asked by interviewers below. investment banking brain teasers. What is the largest possible number you can. In this article, we will take a look at the most common types of brain teasers based on real examples from the major investment banks and see. Four investment bankers need to cross a bridge at night to get to a meeting. They have only one flashlight and 17 minutes to get there. FOREX TRADING TAX UK CAR At only 3 Pets allowed Smoking. Fix crash when SQL export fails the inactive, obsolete communicates with the feature set you reset helps but visibility, and control. You may have I have noticed Microsoft Outlook, or other email apps in your device, find it below.

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Brain teaser investment banking stocks to ipo in 2021


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What is the minimum number of socks needed in order to guarantee that you will have a pair? Brainteaser - Technical brainteasers? What are some of the brain teasers you guys have been asked thus far? Let's try to get a good collection together here, should help everyone in their interview efforts. Comment below: The hardest brainteaser I ever got was a riddle:. It starts with the letter "S". It's two words.

It's on every forum. It rhymes with the phrase "Church Glutton". Robert Clayton Dean: What is happening? Brill: I blew up the building. Robert Clayton Dean: Why? Brill: Because you made a phone call. I was beginning to solve your brain teaser until I slowly realized you were trolling OP. You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and your mass is proportionally reduced so as to maintain your original density.

You are then thrown into an empty glass blender. The blades will start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do? The OP shared some common questions asked by interviewers below. As simple as these may sound, a lot of people struggle with these in investment banking interviews. Brainteasers are common in both investment banking and consulting interviews. Check out a video below discussing how to answer consulting interview questions.

The WSO investment banking interview course is designed by countless professionals with real world experience, tailored to people aspiring to break into the industry. This guide will help you learn how to answer these questions and many, many more. Investment Banking Interview Course Here. Magni modi et reiciendis velit error cumque autem. Sint non mollitia doloremque quo dolor ipsa. Minima necessitatibus autem ut doloribus.

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You can download this screenshot as image or copy to clipboard using browser's context menu. Join Us. Already a member? Popular Content See all. Noticed a funny trend lately on WSO and thought i'd share it. I wish this was fully satire but unfortunately i've seen literally different users with post histories that identically match this timeline.

IB seems to be the industry that attracts the most top students from top colleges and these are supposedly the smartest people in the country right? Why are they spending 80 hours formatting slides for what is really not even that much money? Found this post on Blind Does finance have a similar TC progression 80k to k. To me, this seems very fast compared to IB. Definitely faster than CorpFin roles, as I've googled. Assuming one has similar career trajectory as described in the picture.

Did wells raise their base to or something else? Saw a comment on here saying they did it yesterday. Every EB is virtually the same prestige, pay, and exits. Please stop ur heated debates about whether Moelis is better than La…. If you are in IB analyst in Chicago, how much are you spending in rent per month?

My annual review was bad. Said I need better responsiveness and attention to detail. Anyone here ever had a bad review and bounced back? Work from home was difficult. How can I get better? Obviously many firms have started to try and tackle the problem with its most junior positions by boosting base salaries to record levels, but is there a long term s…. May Investment Banking. What brainteasers has everyone been asked in interviews?

Rank: Senior Chimp Ill go first: 1 What is 49 x 49? United States - Midwest. Log in or register to post comments. Comments Jan 5, - am. If you want to make ambitious people waste their time on errands, bait the hook with prestige.

Pitch Decks in PowerPoint. Jan 5, - pm. I can't believe you're actually asked a condom question. Amortization Schedule. CBV Institute. Accretion Calculation Template. Investment Banking Modeling Courses. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art - Andy Warhol. PERE Template.

Best Response. Jan 6, - pm. Free Valuation Model. Its 43 min. Good Job. Figures Template PowerPoint. View 3 replies. SB to the first correct solution. View 9 replies. View 1 reply. Leveraged Buyout Model Template Excel. View 4 replies. What advice did the gardener give them? SB for the first correct response.

View 11 replies. View 13 replies. FCF to Equity Excel. View 7 replies. Free Company Overview Template. View 31 replies. If you were the captain, what distribution would you propose? As always, SB for the first correct answer with correct thought process. View 17 replies. Note: this is a simplification of the mother of all brain teasers.

View 18 replies. Free Income Statement Template. Comparables Analysis Template Excel. Private Equity Principal Salary. IB Analyst Pay. PlanesTrainsTrucksAndBoats , what's your opinion? But after that, you can influence staffing decisions. If an EM is willing to grab you, you can follow him to his projects pretty much anywhere in the world.

The better you are, the more options you have. In consulting firms , you are expected to have safe weekends. Consultants rarely work on weekends, just on unavoidable demanding phrases of projects. This is a part of their culture.

People expect to do so. Sometimes they are even proud of it. If you are a workaholic, no problem. Kick start your case interview practice with our Prospective Candidate Starter Pack Over 50 tips and tricks, a framework dictionary and an example from our premium Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program. First-year bankers typically work on their own and gradually climb up the ladder to take charge of challenging activities involving more people.

In consulting , you are a manager from day 1. The top performer is usually the best in leveraging , not necessarily the one with the best analytical mind. Communication is a weapon for consultants. Working around with people requires your advanced proficiency in this area.

How do you make the client work for you even when they naturally hate you from day 0? How do you navigate through a complicated political scene with so many diverse stakeholders? You will i nteract with all possible types of people , from front-line employees and security guards to directors and C-level people, from your peer colleagues by your side to the industry expert sitting million miles away.

For investment bankers , they mainly communicate with their teammates for projects. They do meet clients but solely from financial departments, not from various functions like consultants. You can still get away without excellent communication. Consulting works with all sorts of problems, from strategy, operation, governant, to sales and profits.

Bankers typically only work on one or two types of problems: how to push through this deal. Consulting spends almost half of their time working on the quantitative side of things. They win this one easily. Those analyses are often very diversified. For example, in a cement project , I had to analyze how different levers would affect the bottom line. So one day I was calculating the clinker factors to cut down cost.

Another day, I was making a model on how boat transportation would save logistic cost and by how much Read this article to understand what a consultant does. This differs from investment banking as analyses there are mainly deep finance oriented. All in all, consultants tend to be generalists while investment bankers are specialists. Consulting trains you on all fronts while Banking turns you into a finance superman. Frankly speaking, both management consulting and investment banking give you precious opportunities to develop more than any other title.

Make full use of your time there, as it is a life-changing experience. Almost everybody quits Management Consulting and Investment Banking at some point. If you want to stick with the Finance world, no job better prepares you. Private equity, hedge fund, venture capital, etc. Regardless of the above, money will never be a problem. Your income will keep skyrocketing for years to come. For consultants , the exit options are much more open.

You can join the clients, taking high positions. You can join those hot unicorn start-ups. You can join Venture Capital. Or you can start your own businesses which I did. Income level can be higher or lower than a peer exiting banker, depending on your will, capability, and some luck.

Both have great exit options. But management consulting gives you a little more flexibility. For this, I give consulting a close win. Both fields teach you so much. In Banking , you will become a number-savvy staff, a modeling Jedi, and above all a super performer who always delivers triple ordinary output in every situation.

In Consulting , you will learn a little of many things: how to talk to people, how to convince someone, how to organize big messes , how to write sharp sentences, etc. But above all, the most vital skill is: learning how to learn and make things work without knowing too much. With this skill, a consultant can basically do anything in life. Depending on which field you are steering toward, Consulting or Banking can be slightly more helpful. But all in all, both are really good for Resume.

Both fields allow you to work with exceptional people within the firm. Regarding the networking with the outside world, Consulting offers a slightly better package. In general, consulting work requires you to interact with more types of people in more situations. With that said, the actual key to good networking is your own proactivity. For this, both fields provide you with equally good brand names you can leverage to meet pretty much anybody you want to meet.

If you are a good networker, you will make it work from both fields. If you are not, being in one rather than the other will not help. The highlights of Investment Banking culture are endurance and hardwork. Alex Song , a former Morgan Stanley said this beautifully:.

Everything there is about structure.

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Investment Banking Interview Questions. Nightmares, Brainteasers and 3 Sample Answers

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