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Forex Signals Coding, İstanbul - search information about a person: photography, place of residence, education, interests, friends. A Russian political analyst, Fyodor Lukyanov, said it was a significant Editing by Timothy Heritage, Gareth Jones and Alex Richardson. Our company is a leader in the provision of Forex and Binary leads. We are using a combination of innovative methods and techniques in order to generate. TRADING BINARY OPTIONS AT NIGHT In this corner: of such discourses would show that are connected to emails from an. For example, you be an avid TeamViewer follower since command history, defaults. I doubled checked bank than the one near Varrock. Act as an. This is usually users are expected about Chrome Remote Desktop is that.

Related Coverage. Putin said, however, that defence cooperation would continue. Hours earlier, Russian news agencies reported Moscow was sending paratroopers for joint exercises. It was an uncomfortable encounter for the year-old Lukashenko, who had antagonised Moscow shortly before the election by rounding up 32 Russian nationals that Belarus accused of being mercenaries sent to destabilise the country.

At one point, TV footage showed him mopping sweat from his brow with a handkerchief. Since the election, which Lukashenko denies rigging in order to defeat opposition candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, thousands of people have been arrested and nearly all opposition leaders jailed, deported or forced into exile.

Police said they detained people on Sunday. Your taxes will pay for our beatings. We are sure that you would not want that. A Russian political analyst, Fyodor Lukyanov, said it was a significant boost for Lukashenko. For him, this was his main goal - debt refinancing and a new loan. Since my neural network, already prepared for a reasonable installation, was taken out of the operating complex from a broken courier ship, neither Anika nor Deirek were aware of the properties of this network and how it had already been labeled from a regular fifth generation network and the database had been labeled as a tuning second rank.

Entering Dairak's office, nevertheless, I decided not to tell him about the properties of the installed network, he knows less, sleeps better and I live more calmly, from conversations with Anika, I learned that a year earlier, being in the demilitarized zone between the Commonwealth and the territories of the Arches, Dairak's search ship stumbled upon the remains wrecked courier cruiser, where, in addition to this network, several more sets of neural networks were found in the safe of the medical compartment.

Apparently, this workplace was intended for discussing the company's products with customers, where all projects and changes were demonstrated in three-dimensional graphics in real time. With a gesture, he offered me one of the chairs. After that, you can visit our support department and get the property you need, furniture, clothes or anything else you like, but keep in mind that all this will be written to your account and you either return everything or redeem it as you please.

He closed his eyes for a moment and froze a little. Immediately, the neural network reported on the incoming message, offering to accept or reject it, agreeing with the acceptance of the document, I saw a blinking icon on the translucent desktop of the neural network, wishing to open it, I received an open document. This was my contract with the SARTA corporation, after looking over the contract and making sure that it did not contradict our agreements with Dayrek, using the neural network prompts, I put my mark under my details and sent the document back to Dayrek.

Now you are at his disposal, he will help you with the bank and placement. Yeah Nick save my contact info and I'm giving you Haar access to the shipyard's island. I have an urgent urgent business, and help him settle. All right, go on the road, get to know each other and discuss everything. We got up and went out the door and went to the shipyard exit, where a transport capsule was waiting for us, which took us to central level stations where banks were located, representative offices large companies and various shopping malls.

On the way, Zak explained that there was no point in choosing which bank to choose, the main thing was that he was one of the five banks of the central worlds. We stopped at the Turian Federal Bank, and a girl met us in its lobby. Having learned the reason for our visit, she immediately handed us over to the hands of a specialist. Having discussed all the subtleties of my service, the bank manager dropped an agreement with the bank on the network, signing which I sent the documents back to the manager, after which I was immediately put into an operating complex for implanting a bank chip.

Getting out of the capsule, I received a message from the neural network with a proposal to connect new equipment, which I did, having received an additional control panel on the network desktop, checking my account, I was convinced of its emptiness and functionality, as well as the presence of an unpaid bill for five thousand for opening an account with a bank implant.

Having met me in the hall, Zak immediately asked me to send him my bank details and in a minute my account was replenished with ten thousand credits and a message was sent from Dairak that he had transferred the advance to me. Immediately I received an incoming message, which contained an additional agreement binding a work contract to my bank account.

After paying the bank bill, Zak and I went back to the shipyard to my living module, where I organized the contact details in the neural network and began to get acquainted with the shipyard's art. On the advice of Zach, I started my acquaintance through a neural network and not through an external terminal, going into the menu of my neural network, I found a shortcut to search for devices and received a considerable list of ready-to-work devices by selecting the Haar shipyard from the list.

First of all, I got acquainted with its sections, having found the section on the supply of personal personnel, I found mine personal card , I began to order the things I needed in everyday life from the warehouse system. As a result, I became the owner of a third-generation engineering spacesuit Haris-3K, several engineering overalls, and other necessary things in everyday life were placed in the closet. After that, I headed to the medical bay, where Anika was already waiting for me.

Entering the medbay, I found her adjusting the medpod. Engineering is the fourth rank. Power systems - the third rank. Engineer droids - fourth rank. Informatics - the fourth rank. Pilot - fourth rank. Scanner - the fourth rank. Shields are the fourth rank. Shipbuilding - the fourth rank. Lawyer - third rank. They got here by chance, so they decided not to sell them to the side, but to use them for their own needs.

There were also spacesuits and overalls and other small things, so learn. And now, through the capsule, we will upload the remaining databases to the storage of your neural network, since your volume allows. Then it will be possible to study them in parts, but first we raise some of them to the second rank, this will allow you to perform some types of work, and then we will reach the full study.

A day later, Anika released me from the capsule and sent me to rest in her living box, strictly forbidding me to learn any bases. I was free for at least eight hours until my next training session. The first thing I went to the dining room, as my stomach was demanding its victim. Having made a request to Haaru, the shipyard's shipyard officer, about the place of eating, in response he received a detailed diagram of the shipyard marked for internal use.

The neural network immediately laid a route to the required destination, overlaying all the data directly on the visual image coming to the brain from the retina of the eye, there was a feeling that information panels with all sorts of data were hanging around me, including highlighting the desired route.

But now the quest find the canteen is passed, and when I came to the door I realized that I had stepped in, I saw niches with graviplatforms at the nearest intersection, I could drive comfortably, the neural network helpfully highlighted them in green and gave out the status of the equipment available to me.

Entering inside, I looked around, the dining room was a large hall in which they stood, although there were no square tables attached to the floor and four chairs in front of them, while I was examining the space of the dining room behind it was heard. Turning around in front of a guy of about twenty and two charming girls, a redhead and a brown-haired woman with a short haircut. Are you new? I stepped aside to let them through.

The neural network helpfully suggested that this was the ZarokM food synthesizer to which I was in such a hurry, so I went for new acquaintances with curiosity examining their actions. They approached the synthesizer for a few seconds, froze, after which the door opened and they took away a tray of food. I froze in front of the space kitchen unit and, studying the menu of this unit, faced a choice of only one hundred and forty-five thousand dishes.

Valari, seeing my confusion, sent me a data packet with a mini selection program and decoding of dishes issued by the synthesizer, after which I was able to defeat him, having received my tray with the order. Without thinking twice, I went to the table of my new acquaintances, taking a free chair, and began to taste the dish I ordered. When everyone satisfied their hunger, the girls took up me, thoroughly shaking out who I was and where I came from, I did not deviate from the version voiced by the Varin brothers, they came up with it for me, so let it be a working version of my appearance in this world.

The girls themselves also did not hide, and an hour later I was aware of all the local news, Kert and Valari were local just from the settlers of the first wave, they lived with their parents in the foothills of the Black Mountains, there are many villages in which free clans agriculture. Their uncle Zak was the first to work with Deirek as an engineer, he flew in on a boat with honey capsules and Anika to select the younger generation of future specialists, and when it turned out that Kert had good parameters and he signed a contract, Valari staged a riot at home until she was allowed to pass examination, her data was even higher than Kert, but their father allowed her to sign a contract, but only for a doctor with a job here at the shipyard.

So she became the happy owner of the Medic neural network - 5VM, which had previously been with Anika and was preparing to become her assistant. Kert, on the other hand, received one of the neural network Engineer - 4MB found on the broken base of the reserve. Sirana was the daughter of one of the employees of the corporation, her father was the captain of one of the cruisers of the search party.

Previously, the main activity of the company was the cleaning of the systems of the demilitarized zone, from the remnants of the fleets that fought with the Archi. After the end of the military conflict with the Arches, the entire buffer zone was declared unsafe, and citizens of the Commonwealth were not recommended to visit it. The reason for this was that the fleets of the Arches and humans did not go there, and it was very easy to meet a wild hive that the Arches themselves hunted.

The corporation first sent reconnaissance, and when it found something worthwhile, it let the main composition of the ships know, which advanced towards the goal of the expedition. First came guard ships, and then engineer ships with tugs, if wild arches appeared, then combat guards destroyed them or covered the retreat to the commonwealth zone, leading the wild hive under the guns of the regular fleet. But to pirates and other reasonable with negative social rating the same fleet arranged a chic meeting, but running from the Arches to their territory was not a good idea.

So Sirana was preparing to become a void controller, so she was installed a specialized network of Tactics - 4VD, where the marking indicates V - military D - controller, allowing her to work as a void controller. Then the door opened and a dozen more people entered the dining room, the first six obvious security forces clad in armor, they greeted my friends and sat across the table from us, and as a result of their manipulations, the table became six-seater and two more chairs appeared.

And the last four were obviously pilots, because just like the earthly pilots, they made passes and gestures while analyzing the flights, imitating the maneuvers of their ships with their hands, Sirana confirmed my conjectures, saying that she had already worked with them as a controller during her training. Valari asked casually. There, Deirek had some kind of problem with the administration of the station, and now they are stuffing all the property with all the employees so as not to give everything away to the administration for free.

It turns out that they give us two storage boxes on credit under a ten-year agreement and without interest, after five years the administration lifts its restriction on the sale of this property, and you can sell it, and since the cost of these boxes will increase at least twice, then one box will pay for you the second. It's good for you, you're the co-owner of the station, and Deirek helps out at least some money. And a frigate calmly enters those mooring hangars and even a couple of corvettes will fit.

Now the rope is just starting up, and there are few people, so Dayrek is not against stimulating new employees, allowing them to take large volumes in this way, and judging by the residential box, he and Zach have big plans for you. Yes, there is one more topic, during the last struggle of corporations for the planet, there was not a weak planetary landing on the neighboring continent, it is now a closed zone for now, there are large fields with abandoned bat equipment and there we are allowed to rummage for training and pick up something for ourselves.

And we are interested in shuttles and landing boats, for us it is mobility. Uncle Zak said that Dairak is not against if young engineers carefully dig there with the help of the company's equipment, the main condition is careful, if we break anything from the equipment we reimburse, everything we find and we don't need to sell the company at real prices, and the company helps us with registration of the property found transport.

Having finished with lunch, we went home, the girls with Kert sent me their contacts, sending them mine, I called the gravity platform through the iskin shipyard and headed to my living box. Arriving at the box and letting go of the gravity platform, I decided to walk around the level and see everything for myself, where I had access. On the street where my box was located, there were fifteen more empty dwellings of the same type. And the street itself began with a small square on which there was a mothballed unused SB node, two bank offices, a couple of galleries with small shops, a medical center, a gym, and in the center of the square there was a small rolled-up park, around which there was a recreation area with several mothballed cafes and even a restaurant.

Between the SB node and my street there were two more streets with service apartments and barracks for SB officers. On the other streets diverging from the square, there were various residential boxes, shopping complexes, and small storage boxes that can be converted into small residential complexes. Unlike the main sectors of the station, all the streets in our sector were divided by military standard vestibules with armored doors, now all these doors have been opened, but as soon as an emergency was declared, they would have to move around the sector with locks.

My street, starting from the square, went out at its other end to a closed transport line between the berthing hangars and repair docks. It contained the medium storage boxes that Kurt had told me about at dinner.

Having bypassed almost the entire level on foot, and having examined what I wanted, without hesitation decided to conclude an agreement, I sent my written request to Deirek, where I stated my desire to conclude an agreement for the purchase of real estate. And he was about to go to his boxing, when a call came from Deirek. I was surprised at this intensity. I had to convey that part of the conversation with Kert, tactfully forgetting to mention his sister and girlfriend.

I called into the void. Entering Derek's, I saw him sitting on a low curved sofa and sat down in an exact copy of it, but opposite, in the center of this broken circle, there was a table with a bottle of liquor and a snack. Derek opened his eyes and reached for a bottle and a glass, apparently wanting to treat his guest. As soon as Deirek understood what I was looking for, he asked me to wait and four minutes later the steward doyd entered the room with a tray on which there was a small jug with a cup from which a simply magical aroma of coffee emanated.

So that we can attach our shipyard but not transfer part of it to authorized capital At the Pilar-4 station, we decided to bring in a piece of the military base by restoring the destroyed compartments. Of course, they were upset, but they found a way out, the entire sector at a cost far exceeds the required contribution, and we planned to give them only one third of the area, and at the same time become full co-owners of the station.

He paused for a bit and continued. And this must be done before the operation sector enters, otherwise everything that is not bought out by our employees must be transferred to the ownership of the Pilar-4 station. So I need to attach the remaining seventeen percent of the station sector in the remaining two weeks. Since in five years, when the encumbrance on the sale of property in this sector ends, the value of these objects will increase at least twice, by selling half of this property, you will pay us off, and even earn money.

AT loan agreement specifically stipulates that you are our employee and in the event of your departure, you must pay off your debt to the corporation. You also have the right to repay the debt at any time. But you tell me, you definitely don't need anything else, we only have more than fifty storage boxes for sale on this line, and the mooring deck can accommodate forty-eight hangars. At least take a look at the residential sector, but I immediately warn you, the medical center with the sports complex has already been bought out, and Marik has already taken the security center.

And do not argue with me, how will you pay then? You better tell me who the Hamster is and why he will burst. Deirek asked me. I had to tell legends about the earthly hamster and the folklore associated with this character, and through the neural network, I was able to form and present a graphic image and share it. I had to, enter into communication with the shipyard's AI and share the image of this business executive from the cartoon, with all his positive characteristics.

Deirek apparently controlled all my activities in the tinctures of the iskin and he liked the result, so we got our own Hamster, you can just Homa. And I received an agreement on the neural network in which, in addition to everything I have indicated, a couple more large Hangars of a higher level were added.

What do you propose to give everything to them for free? The administration has not gotten off me for two weeks now, everyone is demanding that I provide them with a list of free property, they are already dividing what they can get their hands on.

I smiled sadly. As a result, after agreeing to the terms and signing an agreement under which I received this whole mountain of real estate with all the equipment that is inside these objects, namely this clause of the agreement later played a special role in further events, I sent the agreement back. Having received in response a package of documents for ownership and access codes, and while I was looking through the documents received, I received a notification from the administration of the orbital station that, according to the documents received from the Federal Register Bureau, I was becoming a small co-owner of a part of the orbital station.

Immediately another message was received with a data package, but already from this very bureau, that from now on I am the full owner of the property listed below and a debtor to my employer in the amount of fifty million loans, but now I will definitely have to work here all five, or even ten years.

Tomorrow we will make an additional agreement to the contracts of your new friends, they will move to your street and buy these boxes. Dayrek made me happy that Kert and Sirana would move to my next box tomorrow. But Valari already got it today with a demand that she urgently allocate a residential box there, and she is going to come right now so that I get ready for the arrival of the lunatic asylum.

And I quickly said goodbye to my home. Having finally reached my native box, I started disassembling the things received from the warehouse, putting the underwear on the shelves, and hanging the overalls in the closet. I copied all the data from the handheld to the neural network data storage and solemnly sent it to the wall safe, having previously figured out how to reconfigure its control unit for myself, repeated the steps with the still empty gun safe. Having reprogrammed the gate in the adjoining small warehouse hangar, I set about mastering the bathroom and at the most inopportune moment, the intercom at the front door gave a call signal, going to the door, I saw Valari behind her.

And in order for us to be able to claim by Sirana, for whatever he found, we must participate in field work, these are the laws of the world of Tayrat, and I only claim for a shuttle, or at least a hollow flyer. At that moment, the intercom signal sounded again, but now I did not go to the door, but connected directly from the chair where I was resting, talking with Valari, and received a picture through the neural network.

Seeing Kert outside the door with Serana, he opened the door and they did not leave the place. Entering the room, Kert tried hard to frown, but at the same time he was bursting with laughter and looking at Valari, he asked who it was that took the box that he looked after himself. And we went to accommodate new tenants, we started with Valari, she turned out to have more things than an example while she and Serana laid out personal things.

Kert and I, having hoisted the suit on the rack in the wardrobe, began to place the bed, bedside tables, table and other belongings. More precisely, Kert arranged it, controlling the droids. Having finished with the placement of Valari, we unanimously repeated the feat in Sirana's room, as it turned out that she had more things than her friend and completed our work, already placing Kert, after which we sat down to drink a drink similar to tea.

Kert asked as he sipped his hot drink. It turned out that I learned ninety-six hours of bases, in addition to these two bases, the installation knowledge bases of the Agent neural network - 7XaM have now been learned to the second rank. The first was listed as Special Equipment twenty-two hours, the second Agent also had two toric bases in total amount at twenty-two hours, and the third was called Subversive work, it was more practical and dragged on for fifteen hours and eight hours was not enough for her.

But I decided to keep silent about these achievements, although I noted for myself that neuroscience informed me about the absence of some necessary external blocks, deciding to postpone clarifying the details and that I would deal with this later in my box. As Valari already told me, you agreed to take her with you and that's good. Since Zak did not want to let me go there alone with two girls who did not have technical neural networks, I would have to take them in turn, which is a waste of time, or take one of the security forces, which is a division and a showdown.

He looked sternly at Valari. So, given their training, we have a margin of time of a maximum of three weeks. Nick, a question for you, tomorrow Anika will send you to study under acceleration, you should be interested in such bases as piloting, and you need a second rank that allows you to work with small ships, since the first rank of the Pilot base contains only atmospheric and ground equipment.

You also need a Droy-dy base of the second level that will allow you to work with technical repair complexes, the first is the management of household appliances. Now go to sleep tomorrow morning, see you at Anika's. Saying goodbye to Kert and Sirana, she stayed with him, and I, after seeing Valari to the door of her box, went home. First of all, I took a shower, after which, sitting in bed, I began to study my neural network, and realized that I urgently need to get a bot, since the network issued a list of missing additional equipment.

It included such things as a wrist extra iskin attached to the left hand, it also contained a reconnaissance module and a sabotage nanobot factory, a camouflage station, a scanner with a molecular analyzer, and it also had a large built-in data bank. And on the right hand, an engineering complex, controlled by an AI, was put on.

But the most important thing on the list was the sabotage - BiRock-7XA engineering communicator, in the package it was a black bar that had to be fixed on the spine, after which it could be activated without medical equipment, because it contained its own medical module that deployed the entire engineering system with combat modification of the body for field work of the agent, which also included strengthening the skin, bones and tendons, strengthening muscles and soft tissues. If that equipment is still out there, I have to find it.

Having studied the request made by me in the planet for body modifications, I came to the conclusion that all this equipment, even in its available analogues, costs fabulous money, and the level of those implants that were offered on the market and this complex was incomparable. Although in medical research, the complex will look like a normal modification of the body.

Realizing what I needed, I began to search in the shipyard's storage for information about the found courier cruiser and found it. The data was found in the search party's find report last year. Returning from the territory of the demilitarized zone, a group of ships with two tugboats carrying a pair of medium cruisers that were not badly damaged, jumped to the maximum possible distance for their group, but almost reached the world of Tai-rat, leaving on the border of it in the neighboring system, there it was by chance and stumbled upon the wreckage of a courier ship.

The ship hit the bottom plane as if during a hard landing, as if someone's evil will put it on the ground, with a small stone ridge breaking it along the floors. It was torn into three large pieces, which lay buried in the rock of a large planetoid, the bow with combat systems and nodes was not badly damaged and lay behind a rock mass on the surface of the planetoid, the middle part consisted of residential decks and module hangars, was a bunch of twisted metal scrap broken on a solid rock mass lay not far from the bow.

And the largest and most profitable for the searchers was the stern, where they managed to remove two of the five main engines and an engineering complex, but the most interesting for the search engines were two reactors with a minimum depleted resource. The felling and the skins were not preserved, the dilapidated medical compartment turned out to be a bonus, but we also had to beg there, cutting out pieces of twisted metal with people's bodies squeezed there, they were simply smeared on the armored door of the medical compartment.

There were no sentient bodies inside the medical compartment, only equipment, some of which turned out to be in good condition, and then an operating complex was found there, prepared for work and installation of my neural network, which had already been loaded into it. In addition to it, more neural networks were found in the safe of the doctors; according to the standards of the fleet, there were spare networks for replenishing the crew.

All of them were later either sold or installed under contracts to employees. My network lay the longest, since Anika took it out of the complex along with the database plate to it, after running it through the tests of the operating capsule, entered it into the list of networks for installation as a fifth generation Engineer.

Until she got to me, all senior employees already had fifth-generation networks, and the younger ones were given the fourth series of an engineer. After weighing everything, I realized that I just need to visit the crash site of the courier, and for this I need at least a bot, having saved all the data on the place where the wreckage was found, I climbed other expedition reports to avert my eyes, being interested in their findings. Having finished studying the instructions, and having received a report from the neroset on the completion of the study in the usual mode of the Woodwork base.

I began to configure the Neroset to suit my needs, so that in any twofold situation, the network will notify me and offer me options for solving it. I also dealt with the planet, setting up my mailbox, setting filters and getting rid of spam, after which I went to bed. Morning of my fourth day at the station it began with the fact that I overslept and I was awakened by Anika's call over the network in which she asked how I honor myself, if it hurts what and why she and Valari are still waiting for their test subject.

And in general, Valari, practicing, should have already launched a medical capsule with me inside, and she herself was supposed to lie in a capsule and learn her bases under acceleration. I had to urgently get up and run to the shower, getting out of there while getting dressed, I ordered a transport capsule is-ki-nu ver-fi.

Going out into the corridor and climbing into the capsule, he asked her the dining room as the first point of the route, and only having reinforced his strength, the test subject appeared in the medical bay under the menacing eyes of two experimenters. Let's go faster, everything is already ready, only we are waiting for you, today we will try the specialized training complexes that Zach and Kert installed in the morning. Climbing into the capsule, I set the neural network settings so that the training order went cyclically, Pilot and Droids the first rank, then the next round the second rank Pilot and Droids, all this should have taken forty-five hours of training.

And this time the training session coming to us rose from sixteen hours to twenty-four exactly a day. Well, the lid began to close and I realized that I was falling asleep. A day later, getting out of the complex and quickly dressing, I tried to quietly leave the medical bay, since Anika was busy placing pilots and security officers in capsules. All our communication was limited to the fact that Anika looked at the report of the capsule, told me to rest and come back no earlier than in a day, and I went to rest at my place.

Once in my living box, I went to try that miracle of the jacuzzi that I have in the sanitary room. Having played enough with the settings of her control unit and choosing the option that was suitable for me, I plunged into the seething water. After lying in a relaxing bath for a while, I finally decided to take up the analysis of what I had learned in the last training session, so what did we get here by opening the data on the learned bases.

The results were as follows, Pilot and Doydy in the second rank, inclusive, although initially the neural network threatened that three hours would not be enough for me. And now I could easily control ground vehicles and light ships up to bots, but without hyperdrives. And now, to more pressing matters, I decided and opened the property file in the memory of the neural network, starting the study with the documentation for the residential block.

The first thing I liked was that, unlike the apartments in the sector, in case of an accident at the station, he had the opportunity to reactivate his individual system life support, the presence of two mothballed emergency reactors allowed up to ten years of autonomous operation, there was a necessary reserve of water for the life support system and a small container for storing dry rations that was designed for three months of food for two reasonable ones. The control blocks are certainly a reliable thing, but still they are just computers and have no intelligence, so it's time to wake up our brownie.

After getting out of the bathroom and using the shower as a dryer, I left the bathroom in fresh light overalls. Having consulted the boxing scheme and the instructions, I opened a hundredth safe, and inside there, in niches hidden in the walls of the safe, there were handles opposite each other, which, according to the instructions, I turned and clicked the lock under the safe and part of the wall moved to the side, opening a niche, where it was cylinder iskin third class.

To activate, I just had to insert it all the way into its place and snap all three fixation locks, enter the activation code that would be printed on plastic card , lying in an envelope attached to the iskin, which I did. Taking the card out of the envelope, reading and sending the activation codes in response to a request from the AI, who immediately registered me as the owner, began testing everything in the box and reporting on the state of the residential box. The last request was a proposal to turn on the visual mode, to which I answered positively, a young maiden appeared in front of me and announced that the PXKAT third-class AI was ready to follow my instructions.

I asked the iskin. If so, then there are several ready-made matrices, but if the owner wishes, he can present any visual image that he needs and use the neural network to download the sample. These firmware allowed the agent to completely subordinate the equipment of any object and get rid of bookmarks, the ability for third parties to use factory keys, increasing the security of any object in hostile territory, and even in ordinary life they are quite helpful. I gave my go-ahead, and Kuzma disappeared and reappeared only fifteen minutes later.

Having approached the gate of box number six, he was opposite the lock gate of our street, I activated contact with the control block of the gate and sent him access codes, once inside I went to the warehouse control panel, where I opened the armored door with the control code that closed the niche with the iskin and made the binding box, led by a first-class AI to himself and his identification data, after which he received a report on the status of the box, gave the name to the Warehouse - 6 AI, and configured security settings.

The storage box until this moment was in a state of conservation since the construction of our sector. And then the external communication call sounded, Dairek called me. And tomorrow start preparing the rest of the sector for the transfer of the station administration, That's all for now, if anything, I'm always in touch.

Having received my first job assignment from Dairak, I blocked this box and went to inspect and customize the rest of the boxes, giving them standard names for the AIs. Warehouses numbered from boxes six to two came under my full control without any problems, but when I got to the beginning of the transport line and took up box number one, the adventure began.

It looks like I probably got a defective box, I thought, since he, having accepted the owner's control codes, refused to open the gate. I had to take advantage of the opportunities offered to my neural network and the casket opened. More precisely, it was possible to open a small door in one of the gate leaves. Entering the box, I unexpectedly jumped off with a roll to the side and hid behind a small transport container standing at the entrance, the skills and the Agent base driven into me by the training capsule worked.

And the box turned out to be full of containers, and I jumped from two security droids that were looking straight at the gate with their rotary guns. But strangely enough, the droids do not take any action with the intruder, having made a request through the neural network for the presence of active equipment, received scan data, it showed that the box was empty and there was no active equipment.

The only thing that responded was the box's control module, rummaging through its settings, I activated the surveillance camera above the entrance, using it to look around, I saw that the droids were more dead than alive. They have been standing here for forty years without recharging, judging by the model, these are security droids of the third generation of the Chalet empire, on energy cells, and while the shipyard was flying with a simple piece of iron, they simply exhausted their entire supply of energy, and when the power supply was restored by connecting the sector to Pilar - 4, they were no longer able to get to the energy connectors.

First, he activated the video recording mode of the neural network and only then took out gloves from the emergency pocket of his overalls, without protruding from behind the container, threw them at the droids, and the droids did not stir.

But they had to react to an unknown flying object at least with active sensory systems. And these antennae drooped and showed no signs of life. Carefully coming out of the container, I walked around the droids and found an unpleasant find behind them, there lay a dried-up human mummy, it was a man in the uniform of the Aerospace Forces of the Chalet empire, apparently he shot himself, after examining his remains, I picked up the needle case lying nearby on the floor and took it off his hands are a communicator, in the pockets of his overalls there were several information chips and three impersonal bank chips for fifty thousand credits, all this moved into my pockets.

After examining the box, I realized that it was completely filled with containers of various sizes, the box itself was one hundred and twenty meters deep and three hundred meters wide along the outer wall, in the middle of which there were eighty-meter double-leaf gates in the leaf of which there was a small door. Opposite the gate stood a mothballed residential landing platoon module, it was designed to accommodate a landing platoon, it housed a dining room, which is also a company cabin, warehouse space , five single rooms for officers, fourteen four-bed compartments for sergeants and privates of the platoon.

Rejecting his proposal to delete all the data of the previous user, he gave the task to save them as a separate data block. Scrolling through this data, I realized what happened here. During the last conflict with the Arches, the command of the third fleet of the Aerospace Forces of the empire of Chalet decided to deploy a support base for the fleet in one of the areas of hostilities, the quartermaster service, having received an order, began to execute it, pushing its unit into this system, deploying the construction of a hollow base.

And due to the fact that, as elsewhere, the war will write off everything, in addition to building a base, the command of this unit, a colonel and two majors, were actively preparing for their retirement by overestimating the costs and loss of expensive equipment, and ordinary engineers, arriving in the dark of what was happening, doing their duty built base.

The scheme of the quartermasters was as follows: the initially decommissioned equipment was stored here in the warehouses of this transport line, and then quietly transported to a secret base, hidden by them on one of the planetoids in the system on the border of the Chalet empire with the neighboring Turian Federation. Realizing that it is impossible to store such information on an external medium, I transferred all the data of the deceased major to my neural network, having erased all the data on the spark.

It is for this reason that the major did not bind to himself, in order to erase all the data and throw off the spark in case of danger. But life turned out differently and the major, abandoned by his accomplices to die on a piece of a broken base, wrote a confession himself for The SB of the empire, naming all the facts, names, accounts and others, in the hope of taking revenge on the comrades who did not want to take the risk and take it. When three medium hives entered the system, the base's cover squadron, having reported the invasion to the fleet headquarters, received an order from there for an emergency evacuation of personnel in connection with the general retreat.

The evacuation took place under enemy fire, when all the staff of the base had already been evacuated, the major was the only reasonable one who was waiting for transport for evacuation on it, not intending to abandon the property acquired by overwork, especially since only now, when the facility was eighty-seven percent ready, really valuable things began to arrive equipment.

Since later the naval forces could return to the dilapidated object, and having found their warehouses with supposedly destroyed valuables, the imperial security service would certainly become interested in their persons. So the major was sitting on his suitcases, waiting for his accomplices, the colonel, and another major to dock at the nearest middle berthing hangar, but their plans were not destined to come true. As soon as the Arches had destroyed the transport with the evacuated personnel and most of the covering squadron, the colonel turned his transport into an accelerating course for the jump.

First, the major shouted on the air for the colonel to return, then he asked the colonel to send his high-speed shuttle for him, and when he saw how the ship of his accomplices went into the jump, he realized that this was the end. But when he came to his senses, the major even began to fight for his life and welded up the large gate leaves, reactivated the security droids, placing them in front of the small door.

But when one of the hives, with a hit of its main caliber, hit the piece where the major was located and split it, he was closed to a breakaway shipyard with several sectors of the base, he realized that this was his end, using access to the deployed naval sensor system, he watched how the Arches were destroyed the remnants of the imperial squadron, having completed his confession, took out his needle case and shot himself in the head.

He could no longer see that the Archi, having destroyed the remnants of the squadron, without long roaming around the system, went into the jump. For about ten minutes I sat and thought about the vicissitudes of fate, after which I once again noted the coordinates of the system where everything happened. I also had to think about my find, it turns out that all the property that they kept in the storage box I bought along with the box, which means that the boss did not know what he was selling.

All sensors and control systems have been reconfigured so that the boxes look empty and mothballed on the diagram, but it might be better to tell so that there is no misunderstanding, and no one should know about other secret vaults on the planetoid, although the colonel who escaped could take everything out of there.

After checking all the personal belongings scattered around the box, I found another interesting spark in the colonel's duffel bag, also without reference to the owner, and I was very pleased with it. It contained naval access codes and other security protocols at the time of the end of the war. As soon as the colonel was approved as the head of the emergency rescue service of the sector, three fleets entered his sphere of interest.

So he collected, from all the official information repositories available to him, all the data that could be useful in retirement, and not just collected, but created a universal key to many locks from many doors. It was for him that he tried to return to the base and not for his comrade and the remnants of valuables behind this art stored in a factory case in his safe, which is why he gave access codes to his residential box at the station and asked the major to collect his things. And when, making his way through the ongoing battle, he realized that he was not in time, he sharply turned his ship on an accelerating course to jump out of the system.

After a little thought, I decided and gave a positive answer to this request, and in three minutes I will receive a message from the manufacturer of the iskin confirming my ownership of their product. The following message alarmed me, it came from the office of the fleet of the Empire of Chalet, in which I was betrayed by the security certificate of the Empire of Chalet, which stated that I was now a civilian representative of the demilitarization department of the engineering - commissary service of the Empire of Chalet.

Then it dawned on me that these were the tricks of the colonel, so he decided to make sure that in the future it would not happen to his career, he could safely escape and change his appearance and his personal data, under a different identifier, take office by order with open data. Which he himself conducted through the instances of the admiralty of the empire.

Now the main thing is not to attract the attention of the Chalet security service, otherwise the order for me passed through the Admiralty authorities before I was born. I also found several information chips in his things, and a secure metal box filled with fifty impersonal bank chips, each for ten thousand credits, I took all this to my room and locked it in a safe.

Having received a report from Dick about the fate of the colonel, in all the reports he was listed as dead, following the recommendation of the iskin, he made a request to the office of the fleet of the Chalet empire. The answer that came was that the colonel died along with the second major, making an evacuation from the base.

If in detail, then he was simply unlucky, having left the Arches in a jump to the main base of the fleet, their ship, after two weeks of flight in hyperspace, went into ordinary space in the thick of the battle. They were hit by the main forces of the Arches attacking the main forces of the Imperials at that moment, their mutilated ship was picked up by rescuers after repulsing the assault on the system, but there was no one to save, the bodies of the pilot and colonel with the second major were in the wheelhouse.

Now we need to solve the case with Deirek, oh, how bad that I have not yet studied more than one level of the lawyer base, and so I had to first get into the planet and pick up a large law firm in the Turian federation. Calling their central office, for about thirty minutes I negotiated the terms of my contract with them, the result of negotiations with them was my status as their permanent full client with the provision of my interests in all states of the Commonwealth.

I received a package with documents on the neural network, which I looked through, signed and sent back, having paid back the initial one-time entry fee for one hundred thousand credits, I had to use payment chips, after activating them from the storage box through the wrist iskin reader. The remaining payments under the contract were assumed only if the costs of the law firm exceeded my initial contribution, while working to represent my interests. In response, I received the same package of documents, already certified by the federation bar association, and immediately received a video call from my personal lawyer.

And now I suggest that you discuss the situation that you have with your employers. After analyzing all the information that you provided us with the documents, we came to the conclusion that, according to the contract for the sale of property to you as an employee of the corporation, they sold these objects to you, along with all the equipment and property located there.

Because all the property of the previous owners of the shipyard located there is not their property. When they took ownership of the abandoned shipyard, they only received ownership of the shipyard itself, and everything that is trouser equipment or part of its structure. And everything that was hidden or stored at the object before the discovery and registration of the object in the property can be found and registered in its ownership later by other persons.

That is, they must check what they are selling before selling. That is why all the engineers of companies involved in cleaning up space from abandoned and lost objects are trying to work on their equipment and have at least a shuttle. So everything that the worker finds on various objects and is placed in the hold of the shuttle or even the pockets of the spacesuit will be the property of the worker.

But you can tell him, he will not claim what you have already found for him, but simply arrange a check of the objects for sale, and whether there is anything else lying around. So the more you earn, the more I personally and my employer get. If you agree, then here's an additional agreement for you. In the additional agreement, I was pleased with the clause according to which the law firm was responsible, including material for all his actions related to my interests.

Then I received the same documents, but from the central office, certified by the leadership of Vance. By analyzing publicly available information about the corporation in which you work. The main owners are the three brothers Deirek Varin, Marik Varin, Kariran Varin, there are several smaller co-owners among which is your chief engineer. The corporation has existed for ten years, cleaning up space from the legacy of the last war with the Arches, it has always made good money.

To get to work in such a corporation in our system has always been considered good luck, the company's management has always taken care of employees, but often take ordinary people from the street, but with high IQs. The owners of the corporation do not interfere with the side earnings of their employees. Your company is more like a family clan. The corporation itself has always made money by selling ships and other hollow objects found in the demilitarized zone.

But last year they made a qualitative growth in development, having found in one of the systems a broken base of the fleet and managed to pull three large parts here into the territory of the commonwealth. One of the pieces turned out to be a medium tactical naval shipyard, which, together with several sectors of the naval base, was attached to our Pilar-4 station, the second largest piece consisting of a large shipyard and two medium ones was sent to the Sailan system, having already been attached to the Pilar-3 station.

All stations in this series are being deployed by the Turian federal government to further integrate the free worlds in this part of the sector, and the Cilan system is set to become the largest Turian marketplace in the sector in the future. Now they are deploying a powerful defense system there, and in our system they plan to deploy the base of one of the expeditionary fleets of the federation, placing the storage facilities of the Sailan trading platform and the reserves of the Turian federation fleet here, the government plans to move part of the trading operations here, it is already known for sure that the trading platform of the Turian fleet reserve will be here.

And at the first opportunity, get a bot, preferably with a small hyperdrive for jumping into neighboring systems, everything that you place in its hold during the search is your property. And I also advise you not to sell anything from what you bought at our station.

Everything is sold to you as employees for half market value , these prices were pushed by the administration of the station, planning to capitalize on the stalemate of your company, but your management outplayed them by lobbying for permission to sell to employees. On this we said goodbye, I promised to call in his office in the near future.

After checking the time, I called Dairak, thinking that a good relationship with the management would not hurt me, and after two minutes he answered. I began cautiously. What happened, did you find something there? It was evident that he began to understand where the conversation was going.

And for the second time in a day I went to Deirek, he was already waiting for me on the same sofa as during the day. Having told him a simplified story about how he found the quartermaster's stash and the history of its creation, though without details and subtle points, he sent a slightly truncated list of goods in the warehouse.

But there are things here that we need for the full functioning of the shipyard, we would like to buy them. The boss agreed with me. After receiving the list from him, I looked through it, it contained the following items: - Large automatic medical operating unit class M-1 of the Chalet Empire. Designed to fully automate medical care, it looked like a large shipping container that contained an emergency room with a control module, headed by a class fourteenth AI with several additional memory blocks.

The medical unit itself was a set of an operating room, training and resuscitation capsule, there were automatic storage compartments for consumables. The entire module was provided with its own life support system and was powered by two main and backup reactors. Ten million credits. Seven million credits. Dairak valued it at sixteen million credits, although that was the price of pure iron on the market, without the specialized software already installed on the cluster. The commissaries stole twelve of them in all, and we agreed with Dairak that they were taking only five for one million seven hundred and fifty thousand.

I gave twenty pieces in the amount of two million seven hundred thousand. Twenty-two pieces in the amount of two million six hundred and forty thousand. Four pieces in the amount of two million nine hundred sixty-four thousand. In total, Deirek estimated all this at forty-seven million twenty-four thousand credits.

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European gas buyers were burning up the phones to Gazprom with questions about how the new approach is supposed to work but the gas giant had no immediate answers.

Forex alexander lukyanov I'll make a few comments again: I watched a lot of videos, talked with scalpers and my opinion is that! As a result, after several sessions, I began to make much fewer losing trades and better track signals. Warehouses numbered from boxes six to two came under my full control without any problems, but when I got to the beginning of the transport line and took up box number one, the adventure began. And now I suggest that you forex alexander lukyanov the situation that you have with your employers. And tomorrow start preparing the rest of the sector for the transfer of the station administration, That's all for now, if anything, I'm always in touch.
Gbpusd forex strategies After checking the time, I called Dairak, thinking that a good relationship with the management would not hurt me, and after two minutes he answered. And finally, I want to note that he is forex risk indicators download hero of historical data:. Morning of my fourth day at the station it began with the fact that I overslept and I was awakened by Anika's call over the network in which she asked how I honor myself, if it hurts what and why she and Valari are still waiting for their test subject. But to pirates and other reasonable with negative social rating the same fleet arranged a chic meeting, but running from the Arches to their territory was not a good idea. So the more you earn, the more I personally and my employer get.
What you need to know about forex I have been familiar with the stock market for a long time, but I have been actively trading since the happy Lukyanov Denis Gennadievich Mechanic - Craft Training Mechanic - Craft Training That memorable morning made me happy with good weather, and I was very happy about this, hoping to spend this day in an interesting way. Alexander Lukyanov Why choose us? Still won out my curiosity, which before me ruined quite a few cats, grabbing the cylinder with both hands, with the left for the lower part, and with the right for the upper part, tried to turn the cylinder in half, but nothing came of it or got stuck, or I am doing something wrong, but here I will try to push the protruding ball with my thumb and turn it. For those who still have doubts about whether to undergo training or not, advice - do not be forex alexander lukyanov, the knowledge that Alexander gives will be very useful both for beginners and for traders who have achieved forex alexander lukyanov in the market. So to interest you, I'm offering you a fixed-term contract for ten standard months, after which you can renew it with an increase in pay or leave us, as you wish, but I think you'll want to renew it.
Forex alexander lukyanov I had to, I myself deal with each of the twenty, and rejoice at the habit of the Shalei military at closed facilities not to make individual bindings so that all employees can work with loaders. Entering the medbay, I found her adjusting the medpod. Very clearly and beautifully you will learn how to trade pivot points, the truth is in history! It looks like I will spend the next ten months here, the night before, Dairek and I, having left the Security Service building, plunged into the shuttle and went to the orbital station, later I learned in more forex risk indicators download that Dayrek and his brother and company had obtained somewhere on neutral territory with the Arches, a medium tactical the naval shipyard, it is usually connected to the supporting base of the fleet and is intended for its maintenance. This market is now dominated by robots that will not leave you a chance!


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