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Geoinvesting american capital management

geoinvesting american capital management

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Geoinvesting american capital management m investment com


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We generally release about one CTA per week. Model portfolios focus on specific proven strategies to help us substantially outperform the market. We employ several different themed approaches to manage risk and provide focus on what we believe are our best ideas. Our Insights. By GeoTeam T May 12th, There were a number of Calls to Action conveyed in this tough market environment, which are [ By GeoTeam T April 18th, With Nv5 Global, Inc.

By GeoTeam T April 12th, A key take away from the RCMT conference call is that the demand for outsourced staffing growth trends is ripping higher, particularly in the IT and pharma markets. And quite honestly, this makes perfect sense. The U. Step 1 - Get our favorite stocks Receive quality research Investment Ideas, model portfolios and education. Step 2 - Interact with Geo about ideas, gain insight through all tools geo offers, research that supports it.

Step 3 - Decide to massage portfolio alongside Geo, how you know when to sell. Access to convictions, rankings. We believe we have entered a period where tier one quality microcaps are being aggressively sought out by investors, many of which we have already found and continue to find.

These are the types of companies that Co-founder Maj Soueidan built his success on in his 3-decade investing career. In case you are wondering what our tier 1 criteria are for microcap performers, here they are:.

Case Studies. We are always on the lookout, not only for good businesses to invest in but perhaps more importantly, businesses with proven management teams. In NV5 Holdings, we have found a management team that has rapidly built the company from a start-up in to a growing, highly profitable, and formidable firm that provides professional and technical engineering, as well as consulting solutions ESCC is an idea we brought to our premium members and has persistently paid off for us.

The common strategy we used? Premium Investment Services. Start Your Free Trial. Why Trust Us? See More Testimonials. Calls to Action. Premium Research. Model Portfolios. Insights , Interviews , Maj Soueidan. They informed us that in the case of a merger, buyout, or acquisition during the tax year, only one company is required to file this form and it is the company that is the new owner by the end of the year — and as the date of the filing. This is the problem with fair value accounting in public companies — and especially companies with Board members who all know one another — they basically have carte blanche to do whatever they want.

No matter what the makeup of the preferred stock, we simply do not trust management or that this newly acquired company, held under SEHAC Holdings alongside a new acquisition and possible others without any additional cost, could be worth ten times cost this quickly. Who makes this kind of money in just three years?

Aaron Rodgers? Kobe Bryant? And now an employee with no name at a subsidiary of ACAM? Who is receiving this compensation? The grant was originally scheduled to vest ratably over 5 years. There have been no other Employee Grants. As such, the value of the Employee Grant is measured at fair value at the end of each reporting period. We calculated the compensation expense recognized during the years ended December 31, , unaudited and assuming there would be no forfeitures.

Moving on, we have cases of two ACAS subsidiaries apparently lending its employees cash to buy ACAS common stock — and in one case indemnifying the employees financially should their investments turn sour. European Capital made loans to employees of the Investment Manager in the form of non-recourse notes to purchase the common stock of American Capital from December to February The Original loans are denominated in US dollars, bear interest at the Applicable Federal Rate at the date of grant, and were repayable from April through March In , the employees waived their right to exercise the written put option following which the shares associated with this arrangement can be sold by European Capital and used to repay the loans.

Following the employees waiving the right to exercise the put option, the fair value of these loans is determined by reducing the principal of the loans to the fair value of the shares of American Capital associated with this arrangement. In March , after agreement with the employees the loans expiring in were extended by four years and the interest rate was reset at 3.

Loans with maturity dates in through to March will be extended for a period of four years with the agreement of the employees. The French Stock Loans were collateralized by the American Capital Shares acquired by the employees and have original maturity dates of April through March , which may be extended with the permission of the FSL participants.

Loans that had original maturity dates in have been extended until During , the Plan was modified such that participants forfeited their rights to the American Capital Shares and transferred control of them to ECAM in return for the indemnification by ECAM of their future income tax liabilities, if any, arising from the forgiveness of loans made under the FSL Plan. Proceeds on the sale of shares of American Capital Shares controlled by ECAM will be used to offset participant indemnification liabilities.

The French plan differs from the European plan in that it actually indemnifies employees from losses in the case where loans are forgiven, creating a tax liability. In the case of European Capital, the loans were initially repayable from April through March , but it appears that European Capital has extended the dates of the maturities — perhaps while waiting for ACAS stock to appreciate? Why not structure this compensation as normal stock options?

Could it be because this type of plan creates a significant expense and causes dilution? Most importantly, we believe investors need to ask: How much loan exposure does ACAS have to its own stock price? The above mentioned examples of compensation and loans to employees are two perfect examples of what Elliot is talking about. We share the same view as Elliot, who comes right out and says that the company has numerous major problems.

The only difference is that we see these major issues as a reason to be even more cautious, as opposed to taking an investment in the company and trying to somehow unlock value. Why do we take the opposite stance as Elliot Management? What we have here are a litany of questions that we believe need to be answered in detail before ACAS can move forward with its strategic review.

We have a significant amount of due diligence that we still would like to undertake, but we believe that questions raised in our report need to be examined very closely by potential investors. Further, we believe this new evidence will delay any type of acquisition or strategic alternatives for the company well into , as all parties will need to be very comfortable with all of the facts before moving forward.

We doubt the company will be able to issue a decision on their strategic review by January, as they have planned. Disclaimer: You agree that you shall not republish or redistribute in any medium any information on the GeoInvesting website without our express written authorization. You acknowledge that GeoInvesting is not registered as an exchange, broker-dealer or investment advisor under any federal or state securities laws, and that GeoInvesting has not provided you with any individualized investment advice or information.

Nothing in the website should be construed to be an offer or sale of any security.

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