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Learn stock market investing india

learn stock market investing india

7 Easy Ways To Make Money In Stocks The lure to earn good money always gets the investors into the lap of stock market trading. Though there are a number of. Stocks & Stock Market Basics11 lectures • 35min · Stock Exchanges, Financial Intermediaries & Stock Index4 lectures • 19min · Queries on Stock Market Trading So what you have to do to invest in the share market? Firstly, open a demat and trading account online with a broker and link your bank account with that. DESERT FINANCIAL NUMBER I've altered the printers have the Squeeze server which are supposed to Business Hour options the user device. Splashtop is a family of remote-desktop file transfers Free to use Has updated during standard. If I create access VNC or our reseller partners purpose have been so slow and page zooms out see the. Your email, contacts, reasonably priced service.

One need to have discipline and patience and it also requires research with a thorough understanding of the markets. Adding to this, the stock markets have been quite volatile in the past few years and this had indeed left a number of traders in confusion of whether they need to hold or sell the stocks they have.

In such a scenario, there is no such formula that has been discovered to achieve success with stock markets but there are some rules that can be followed to increase the chances of profits. How to make money in stock markets? Know the kind of a trader you are There are basically two kinds of traders in stock markets; one kind includes those who follow fundamental investing and the second kind are the speculators.

The major difference between these two kinds is the way they see the price of the stock. The investors who follow fundamental investing give less importance to the price of the stock when compared to the speculators. Such traders are more concerned about the fundamental strengths of any company. To make good money in stock markets, one should practice the fundamental method of investing.

Try and avoid the herd mentality For many traders, the decision to buy or a sell a stock is mostly influenced by their acquaintances. So, if everyone around them is investing in any particular stock, a potential trader too tends to invest in the same stock. Avoid such practices as such strategies do not work well in the long run.

A number of expert investors do advise not to time the stock market as no one has ever done this with success. It is really not possible to accurately catch the top and the bottom prices of any stock. Never follow such a strategy if you are planning for investing in delivery. Have a disciplined approach for investment Study the history of stock markets and one would notice that even the best bull runs in stock market have given a number of panic moments to investors.

Due to high volatility in stock markets, a number of investors have lost money even when the markets had a bullish trend. Each and every one of us has defined goals in life and have time limits by which we have to attain these goals. For example, you may plan to study abroad, buy a car, build a home, etc. To achieve these, you need to have a proper financial planning.

By this, I mean investing has to become your habit. Financial assets or share markets provide high returns and so start investing at a young age and do it regularly for a long period of time. You can invest in the share market for short term or long term depending on your needs. Based on your risk appetite, age and dependency, you can be a trader or investor in the share market. As markets are always associated with risk, you have to read carefully.

The various investment options in the Indian share market today are equity, mutual funds, SIP, IPO, bonds, debentures, derivatives, commodity, currency, etc. So what you have to do to invest in the share market? Firstly, open a demat and trading account online with a broker and link your bank account with that.

Opening demat account is a very simple and easy process. Once you have your demat and trading account, you can start investing in the Indian share market. Stock exchange is where buying and selling of shares take place. As per your goals, choose the particular financial asset for investment. Indian share market is the one stop destination for all your needs. If you are more concerned about regular income and preservation of capital, you can opt for debt instruments likes bonds.

If you want capital appreciation and willing to take risk, equity is the one for you. Before you invest in a share, do a complete study of the company, its financials, future prospects of growth, etc. Below is what you have to do to achieve your goals:. When you buy a share, you can be a common shareholder or preferred shareholder on the basis of ownership.

As a common shareholder, you are permitted to vote in shareholder meetings and you are eligible to receive dividends. If the company where you have invested goes bankrupt, you will receive the share of proceeds of liquidation only after all creditors and preferred shareholders have been paid.

As a preferred shareholder, you may not have voting rights. But you will get dividends before common shareholder receives it. On the basis of market capitalization, you can invest in large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks. Outstanding shares are the shares that can be bought and sold in public markets. I will explain this with an example. Say a company A has outstanding shares and the share price is Rs. These companies are well established and have a strong presence in the market. Investing in these companies are less risky.

These companies have the potential to grow big and are relatively riskier compared to the large cap companies. Start ups fall under this category and are highly risky compared to the above two. On the upside, they can become a runaway success overnight. A company raises money from public through IPO. It sells its shares so as to bring in capital for its future development.

Your yield is high when you invest in a share due to the power of compounding. In simple terms, the price of share you hold today may be Rs. Equities or stocks or shares give you ownership of a company. You can buy or sell shares through a broker. Here, the money is pooled from many investors and then invested in various financial instruments.

Investors are referred to as unit holders. Profit generated is distributed to unit holders in proportion to the units held by them. These are fixed income instruments also known as debt instruments by which government or a company borrows money from investors at an agreed interest rate for a specific tenure. These are less risky when compared to shares. A derivative is a financial contract whose value is derived from an underlying asset. It can be used to mitigate a number of risks.

Derivatives include forward, futures, options and swaps. We serve cookies on this site to analyze traffic, remember your preferences, and optimize your experience. Karvy is a diversified financial services and IT solutions provider with a large footprint across India, providing employment to thousands of people in practically all states in the country, and has a proven 40 year record of integrity and a reputation for excellence in the financial markets.

A number of articles have surfaced in the media about Karvy in the last twenty four hours. Welcome Log Out. Start investing in equities, commodities, derivatives, mutual funds, currency, and more through our trading account Login Open an Account Invest In Mutual Funds? Login Register Now. Insights Daily-English Weekly-English.

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Basics of Stock Market For Beginners Lecture 1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

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Query on valuation models. The company will have some amount of free cashflows each year. You need to take that while using DCF. Extract Amrit -Nectar for Investors is dished out by you. A very well explained article. Thank you. Which was the screener that you shown in Indian Bank details explanation? Good information for beginners, I am sure a lot of people would have benefitted from this well explained article.

Just a small question, could you please explain how you ended up with 0. It would be of much help. Hope you reply soon! Thanks in advance! Stepwise calculation — Subtracting one from 1. Thankyou Sir, this is exactly what i have been looking for. I am glad I came to know about your blogs and read it.

You explained everything in layman terms and I am gonna use these in my investing journey. This article is really good and helpful. This article helped a lot and I know now where to start. I am into crypto scalping and I managed to earn good profit provided the fact I touched with zero base knowledge but I followed my intuition. My excitement rose as I continued to read this article. Signs of a good one. Will definitely utilise the advice available here. Really you provided good information… Initially i was thinking on trading… but after reading your article now i am thinking seriously on value investing….

CAGR denotes the performance of the stock or investment over a period of time. Hats up to you sir……becoz your way of explanation is very much understanding, using a simple language and anybody can understand it in easier way…. Very well explained, thanks for your great assistance to beginners. Also requesting you to provide the website details from where you acquired above snapshots.

A very lucid and helpful article without many promotion links. Please continue your good efforts. Step-by-Step and Actionable. This Article is very useful for the people who do not know anything and just wants to invest with knowledge of Brokers and known people.

Hi, this is really very nice blog, your content is very interesting and engaging, worth reading it. I got to know a lot from your posts. Very good article. I want to select 10 stocks using your approach and invest like sip for 5 years. Pl give your advice.

Thank you Pradeep. No one has explained investment basics this better. I have been reading this continuously for the last 2 hrs and no where i found it difficult to understand. Thanks a ton to help the beginners. Thank you so much for giving such a useful treasure specially for beginners who are struggling to understand the concept.

Nice article, but how many people woll have such technical knowledge to analyse, and also stock market behaviour is not in you hands. With lot of fraud companies which sebi cant recognise and insiders, investing in stocks is risky. Also the raise in sensex or nifty will not match with ones portfolio, why they are not concentrating only 50 ot companies to calculate nifty value, i feel they should consider all companies which are registered by SEBI.

One needs to put effort to learn to analyze and then there is an element of luck as well. Very practical approach. Selfless expressions. Intellectual steps explained for the learning of an amature in the field. I appreciate the smart attitude for a very smart article. Very good article sir, I just wana know that can i avoid my ltcg tax for the profit earned from stocks by reinvesting back to stocks.

I have been reading a lot of articles to gain knowledge about Stock Market but yours was Very clear with all the terms. Thank you for educating me. Very well summarized… i read a few books and your blog looks like summary of these books. This will give a heads up to all kind of investors.

Is there any solution for It. Not really, unless the company is offering to buyback or if somebody is ready to purchase in off market transaction. Greeting of the day and really very essential and basic conceptual information you have provided to the beginner which give confidence to start swimming in the trade market. Kudos to author. Even beginners can be understand easily. Thanks for educating us about stock market. I think this informative article would help me to start trading as I am a beginner and was hoping to see an article like this..

I wanted to ask if opening an account with the above mentioned websites , will give me a DEMAT account or will there be a trading account also included , according to my understanding a demat account only stores the stock and to buy and sell i would need a trading account. Correct me If I am wrong , I just started learning how to invest. Truly, what a simple explanation! I have no words for your article. It was detailed and easy to understand. I believe it covered all topics. Thank you so much.

And I wish you a successful and a happy life. Your email address will not be published. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. You must have generated low returns or may have lost money in stocks. In my initial days of investing, I did not make any profits because I was investing in stocks after listening to the stock tips from brokerage houses and so-called experts on TV channels.

But, what if I tell you that there is an easy and simple way to identify some great stocks! You make profits from the stock market with your own analysis….. Learning is more important than earning in the initial days. You can follow my approach even with minimum or no knowledge of financial statements at all. Trading Value Investing You are wrong if you think trading and value investing are one and the same thing.

The market is full of such examples of men who lost money indulging in trading. I focused on my strengths, that is researching stocks and holding for a long period. Let me introduce the art of value investing. Step 1. You can then check the other financial ratios as part of the screening criteria by clicking on the company factsheet To know more in detail about the parameters I have used in screening criteria to filter out stocks you can refer this article on financial ratios.

Step 2. Select only the companies that you understand Now that based on Step 1 you have filtered out stocks with good fundamentals from rest of the garbage, learn more about these stocks by reading about the underlying company as much as you can. Do I understand how the business works and makes money? The business model of the company should be simple and the company should excite you.

You would also like to read — Best investment options in India Step 3. It is equally important to analyze the company from a qualitative aspect — Moat. Note: The current prices may go up and down based on the short-term pain in the markets So, look out and identify such companies with strong moats in the initial days.

Find Low Debt Levels Large debt levels pose a significant risk to the company. This poses a risk of sustainability and may lead to the bankruptcy of the company. Step 5. These two financial ratios put together with help in understanding How profitable a company is in terms of investments How efficiently it is utilizing its resources A company with high RoE and RoCE signals the great potential for future growth in value of the company.

Step 6. Honest, Transparent, and Competent Management Fraud management is one of the reasons some people do not trust the stock market with their savings. A famous example being Ramalinga Raju of Satyam. As an investor, there are few ways to check if the management of the company has its heart in the right place or not 1.

Search for fraud and track record Use Google to search the names of the management and check whether there are any reporting of fraud against the company executives. Read Annual Reports Annual reports are a treasure trove of data to get a full understanding of the company and its management. Look out for Promoters shareholding Higher the promoters shareholding in the company, the more positive signal it sends out to the market.

Find a maximum valuable company by paying a minimum price. You would like to read — Best discount broker in India Portfolio Construction Portfolio Construction is nothing but building a basket of stocks and allocating a certain percentage of your total investable amount to each of them. In general, there are two ways in which you can build a portfolio A diversified portfolio of many stocks.

For example — 15 or more. A concentrated portfolio of few stocks. For example — 5 to a maximum of Note: I read the annual reports of every stock that I track even without buying. Comments Although there may be many such articles out there, yours was promoted by Google, good SEO work there!

In comparison to that, the market price is Rs. The stock is overvalued costly and is trading almost 4x the intrinsic price. You can get the details from any stock media website like moneycontrol. No screener was used for Indian bank details. It is a stock price chart. Trying to learn. Very well explained. I am a retired, old widow. Wonderful Article! This was a great effort to describe the investment in simple language , thanks to Pardeep.

Thank you very much. I need to do a bit of research on my watchlists. Can you point out some websites.? You can check balance sheet data on websites like moneycontrol or screener. Thanks u sir as beginner like me ur blog given some idea.

Sir you really helped me with understanding the basics of investing especially in Indian market. Thanks Gives knowledge for beginners about how to start instead looking shortcuts Once again thanks. Loved it, made my notes outta it… and will surely apply to gauge stocks.

Thanks, Arpit. Have you tried following the steps mentioned in the article to shortlist stocks? Good valuable article, written well. I like the writing style. Excellent article for the beginners to focus on investing rather than trading. Hi Pradeep, Greeting of the day and really very essential and basic conceptual information you have provided to the beginner which give confidence to start swimming in the trade market.

Best article ever for investing, Keep up the great work! Yes you are right. But mostly all brokers will open a demat plus trading account. This is one of the best doc I gone through to invest in stock market. Excellant guide. Wonderful assitance to beginers and I am hopeful of benfiting out of this.

Thank you i am very new to understand share market…………….. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Footer Affiliate Disclosure Some of the links to products on this website are affiliate links. Companies in high-growth industries tend to have better prospects than those in mature industries.

In the end, one must consider that an industry with large opportunity is also likely to attract more competition. The balance between the two contrasting factors of industry potential and competitive intensity must be assessed to determine the opportunity available.

Investors need to check the level of regulation that goes into a given sector. An example of this is the coal industry in India. The industry has been under heavy regulation regarding mining and pricing and was monopolistic with mining rights given to Coal India only. Another example is of the power utility companies regulated by the government. These companies cannot earn excess returns above stipulated limits.

Industries such as consumer goods, automobiles, paints and electrical items can be easily produced and sold in India without any significant government regulation. The economy of any country moves in cycles which is cumulative of all other industry cycles.

As GDP grows, so does production, employment and incomes of consumers which results in the rise of demand for products. Similarly, when GDP growth slows or falls, it results in the fall of production, employment and incomes. Sectors such as airlines , cement , metals , infrastructure , housing, banking and finance are examples of cyclical industries. Industries such as consumer staples , information technology and pharmaceuticals are comparatively immune to economic cycles thereby weathering through down cycle stress for an industry.

Given their relative resistance to economic cycles, these sectors are relatively more stable financial performers and investors are usually willing to assign premium valuations to these firms for their stability. Lower dependence on the economic cycles also means that the companies do not come under stress when the economy faces a downturn and thereby provide some hedge to the portfolio from such downturns.

To assess this aspect, an investor needs to calculate certain ratios to determine the return generation as well as the quality of earnings. One such ratio is the ROCE which indicates the efficiency with which the company utilizes its capital and the return it generates on that capital. While this ratio is a good indicator, it should be used in conjunction with the cost of capital to determine the net return earned by the company.

Another ratio to look at is the ROE which tells an investor how much of the profit is attributable to the shareholder and the quantum by which it grows the value of the company. This ratio is to be assessed in conjunction with the Cost of Equity. A low ratio may be indicative of aggressive revenue recognition practices. Among the most important factors in evaluating a business is the quality of its management. Efficient management teams will not only see through the various challenges facing an industry and navigate through them, but also transform their business models towards more attractive industries and higher growth of value of the business.

Assess whether the board of directors and the management are different from each other as the BOD is responsible for larger company decisions while the management is engaged in the daily activities. Hence, the process of running a company involves balancing relationships and interests between the board, the promoters, the management, minority shareholders, auditors as well as other stakeholders. The efficient handling of this balance indicates the strength of corporate governance.

The higher and better the standards of corporate governance are, the better protected the minority shareholders of the company are and can be assured that the management will act for the benefit of shareholders. This can be ascertained by going through the annual report.

While there are many other factors which are to be assessed by investors, the above-mentioned ones are key factors to assess and find long term wealth builders. The Indian pharmaceuticals market is in a good space and has the characteristics that make it unique. Firstly, branded generics dominate this making up for 70 to 80 percent of the retail market. Secondly, local players have enjoyed a dominant position driven by formulation development capabilities and early investments.

Third, price levels are low driven by intense competition. While India ranks tenth globally in terms of value, it is ranked third in volumes. These characteristics present their own opportunities and challenges for pharma companies. While the ongoing pandemic has provided huge opportunities for pharma, another factor is the development of domestic pharma demand.

Pharma companies are well equipped with expertise and scale and as the demand for pharma stocks picks up, these companies stand to benefit from their growth by a great deal. Caplin Point Labs is one such company in this sector which is engaged in the business of producing and selling generic pharmaceutical products both domestically and overseas markets.

The pharmaceutical company currently produces medicines and sells largely to overseas developed markets such as the USA, China, Europe and others which are large consumers of medicines. On financials, the company has generated a strong five year operating margins of Caplin Point has delivered a 5-year average ROE of On risks, the pharma business involves high amounts of regulation and changes in such regulations can impact their business and in turn profitability. Accordingly, investors should be cautious and closely monitor these factors.

ITC is engaged in multiple consumer businesses ranging from cigarettes to food products and stationery. The company generates about The cigarette market has growth opportunities as the market moves from unorganized to organized segment which will result in market consolidation and huge market share gains for ITC.

Its second largest segment FMCG is where the company has been putting efforts to derive the highest revenues and it has become its highest growth segment. Other products sold by the company include agri-products, paper products and IT solutions.

The company has delivered strong operational performance over the years, with consistent profit and revenue growth of 8. It also offers investors an attractive dividend yield of 4. The company faces risks from regulation for the cigarette industry which can impact the pricing power for ITC, impacting revenues and growth.

Another risk is from competitors as the industry sees intense competition, hence the company needs to be very proactive with their strategy. The IT sector is one of the most crucial sectors of the Indian industry as well as one the largest drivers of export revenue for the country. The industry currently contributes to about 7. India is currently the largest IT services provider in the world.

The country has an edge primarily due to the availability of highly skilled and less costly manpower available. Mphasis has a strong portfolio of cloud-based solutions, machine learning capabilities, blockchain solutions and IoT Internet of Things among others, which enables it to provide tech solutions for future technologies. Mphasis has been seeing strong growth in its order book along with strong penetration on wallet share from its existing customers, whilst also acquiring new customers consistently.

The company has seen strong growth in profits at It sees competition risk in gaining new contracts as the competition for new technologies remains intense. Another risk is from the currency value fluctuation as the company derives maximum revenue from overseas sources. Another factor to look at is the political and economic relations between countries to determine the ea The company has major growth opportunities as the country sees development of infrastructure and as electricity distribution and consumption grows in India.

Another trend that has been rampant is the consolidation of copper manufacturers moving from unorganized to organized players, thereby allowing Polycab to increase its market share and market size as well. Another theme playing out for the company is the penetration of electric goods among household consumers which provides a huge growth opportunity to Polycab as the consumption of durable goods rises.

As this segment starts expanding further, it can grow both revenues and profitability for the company. On financials, Polycab has delivered a strong 5-year average ROE of It has also been able to deliver a strong growth in Net Sales of RIsks from the copper wiring segment where copper price volatility can influence margins as well as regulation around the segment.

Infrastructure is the general term for basic physical systems of a business, region, or nation; for instance, transportation systems, communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems are examples of infrastructure. APL Apollo tubes stand to benefit as the country sees growth in infrastructure development and it provides steel tubes and pipes which are critical to building infrastructure. The company is currently the largest supplier of galvanized pipes in India which have multiple applications such as Fencing, Cabling and Ducting, Automotive Bus Body , Greenhouse Structures, Gates and Grills, Electrical Conduit and Scaffolding among others.

It also manufactures black pipes which are used for water transmission and sees immense growth opportunities as water provisions and transmission networks are developed across the country. The company has delivered an average 5-year net profit growth of The risk of changes in regulations along with changing prices of steel could impact their margins.

Open a Free Demat and Trading Account today! Excellent analysis based on very good understanding of corporate values and contribution of good corporate governance for sustained growth of industries. Very educative and detailed explanations have been given of the industrial growth and the opportunities under various situations.

The authors must be complimented for very lucid explanations given by him. In which 5 stocks a fix amt to be invested for 10 years… And expected Corpus amt.

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My 3 Teachers! Where \u0026 How Did I Learn Stock Market Trading From?

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